'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6: The Blake drama continues and Hannah Godwin finds herself in a troublesome love triangle

Adding to the already bad controversy Blake Horstmann found himself in, Caelynn claims that he messaged Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams while he was with her. Looking at what happened over on Monday's episode, Tuesday night's episode might see both the women confront Horstmann on his deeds. 

                            'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6: The Blake drama continues and Hannah Godwin finds herself in a troublesome love triangle

Blake Horstmann's drama continues on Bachelor in Paradise season 6 and we're all here for it. 

Bachelor in Paradise kicked off on Monday night with its brand new season.  Blake Horstmann found himself in soup after he hooked up with Kristina and Caelynn Miller Keyes within a span of 24 hours during Stagecoach in April. He then told Caelynn to lie about their relationship in paradise, which she didn't agree to. 

Adding to the already bad controversy Horstmann found himself in, Caelynn claims that he messaged Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams while he was with her. Looking at what happened over on Monday's episode, Tuesday night's episode might see both the women confront Horstmann on his deeds. 

Tonight's episode kicked off with Hortsmann, and Kristina is ready to go all out to get him after she won the date card. Oneyka Ehie, on the other hand, calls Horstmann a f**kboy.  And before his date with Kristina, Horstmann could be seen takingTayshia aside and teling her that he had a great time on their date the previous night.(Keeping our option open, are we Blake?) After their talk, Tayshia told the camera,  "It was really sweet that he came to me before his date. Blake is a tall drink of water. Those eyes, I can't stand it." 

Caelynn, meanwhile, tells the camera that she doesn't want the drama between her and Horstmann to be a secret and clearly neither do we. After Horstmann and Kristina go on their date, Caelynn gets paranoid and says, "How is she not mad at him? Makes my skin crawl!" (Well Caelynn, Kristina has moved on, and clearly so should you.) 

Blake and Kristina's date: 

For their date, Kristina and Hortsmann go ATVing while they talk about their past relationship. It seems like Horstmann wants to see where Kristina's mind frame is this season, and Kirstina, on the other hand, wants to see where things go. She tells him they had fun last August until Stagecoach but does let him know that what happened between him and Caelynn was a slap on her face. He tried to explain his actions with Caelynn stating that both of them took it too far. But Kristina isn't having it (You go girl!) She told him that it hurt her which is undoubtedly true, to which Hortsmann replied saying that he made his bed and he has to sleep in it (You think Blake?). But Kristina doesn't seem to be in a mood to let go of things as she was seen hissing back saying, "Did you change the sheets?" (Talk about a well-deserved burn!) 

Then there was more where that came from. Kristina also told her date that he needs to treat her with respect. She also told him that she has decided to keep a safe distance from him. However, Hortsmann, on the other hand, he thinks he isn't a bad person and that he didn't do anything wrong.

Caelynn finally gets her moment with Blake 

After Hortsmann's date with Kristina, Caelynn wanted a chance to confront Blake. But she eventually gets worked up in front of the camera and wishes he would just own up to what he did (Well Caelynn, you should have known this is coming, the second he ran away like a scared puppy after he saw you enter the beach).

The meeting was an explosive one with her blowing up in his face about how he treated her (Okay, let's give Caelynn this one. She needed the confrontation.) As expected, Hortsmann, however, remained unfazed claiming they discussed they were going to be friends. But Caelynn also refused to let go. She called him out immediately on his lies and reminded him that he was the one who decided that after he called her a mistake. (Wow Blake, you really screwed up.)

Chris Harrison teases that Bachelor in Paradise will be a dramatic one. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Not owning up to calling her a mistake, he apologized for not knowing how she felt about it.  While it seemed like Hortsmann was finally going to talk Caelynn took us by surprise when she said she has enough of the running and chasing and stormed away ready to move on and enjoy her time in paradise. 

Kristina brings Tayshia to light 

It's time for another revelation. Kristina decided it was time to tell Tayshia about Hortsmann especially after she went on a date with him on night one of paradise. She revealed that he told her about his fling with Caelynn just a few days before paradise, and the move seemed like he was just saving his a**. (Well, he definitely assumed he played his cards right. Little did he know it would come back to bite him.)

Tayshia is left confused and calls him a player in front of the camera. She also revealed that she is over him now, and any chance they had is gone now. While the Blake drama continues, the rest of the cast jokes about Hortsmann and no one being interested in him anymore. 

Hannah's love triangle

Hannah Godwin might have had her eyes on Hortsmann when she entered paradise, but now she has Dylan and Wills behind her like two lost puppies. While she has been bonding with Dylan quite a bit, Wills has been eyeing her as well. When Dylan left her for a bit on Day 3, Wills makes him smooth move and ends up kissing her. But that leaves Dylan in the puddle all confused. 

Clay gets his date card

Clay's bod has the women and John Paul Jones drooling over him (Ahh, we finally got our well-deserved dosage of JPJ). Bibi meanwhile tells Wells Adams that she has an eye on Clay and thinks that he feels the same way. But Clay has his eyes set on Nicole, and so does she. (A hot bod and a cry baby... Do they make a good couple?)

Clay gets his first one-on-one date. (ABC/John Fleenor)

During their talk, Clay tells Nicole that during his relationship with Angela, he didn't tell her that he loved her and soon the duo can be seen cuddling up.  Clay gets his date card and while Bibi thinks it's going to be her, Clay chose Nicole. (Time to face Bibi's hoo-ha Clay) 

Annaliese throws a grenade toward Clay

Right before his date with Nicole, Annaliese pulled Clay to the side and confronted him about his relationship with Angela, and that she is still hung up on him while he is out dating in paradise. Annaliese is definitely out for Clay's blood. But Clay tells Annaliese the words she needed to hear. He told her to concentrate on herself, cause someone is going home tonight. 

Say it like Demi

While Clay and Nicole enjoyed their date, Annaliese is still feeling bitter about Clay and can be seen telling anyone who is willing to listen the story between him and Angela and their confrontation. But Demi isn't having it. 

Who is Demi Burnett's mystery woman? (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

She questioned Annaliese as to why she brought out this topic right before his date with Nicole, almost like she was trying to ruin it. "Annaliese needs to just stay in her lane... there may not be a worse judge of character when it comes to men than Annaliese!" Demi tells the camera and she is most definitely right. 

Back to Blake

While everyone is ready for the cocktail party and rose ceremony, Hortsmann, on the other hand, is a mess. Tayshia tries advising him and later he can be seen apologizing to Caelynn for what he had done. He looked like a complete mess with these regular break downs of his (Well, we can't say he didn't deserve it).

Kristina date with Blake was a showdown of sorts. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Cam gets his girl? 

After her talk with Hortsmann, Caelynn took time in bonding with Cameron Ayala, the one guy everyone thinks is a creep. She tells him that she likes what she sees and kisses him while he almost has a heart attack as he gushes (Awww Cam, this might be the only action he has received in a while. So hence, his excitement is self-explanatory) 

Hannah loses one and gains one 

Wills steals Hannah and takes her aside, and Dylan freaks out (Calm down you smitten kitten, it's just week one). Hannah tells Wills she doesn't want him to waste his rose tonight because her heart is tugging somewhere else. Wills is hurt but he commends her for her honesty. Dylan is happy with the news, but little does he know it's paradise, you can never win that easily. Hortsmann comes and steals Hannah from Dylan hoping there can be sparks between them and he might get a kiss from her. 

Hannah Godwin loses one and gains one. (ABC/John Fleenor)

Demi is against it, but Hannah being Hannah goes. Blake and Hannah talk and she reveals she is still keeping her options open. The unexpected happens next, and they share a kiss (Omg! Stop! Hannah... Noooo... Why would you?). Back with the rest of the gang, Hannah steals Dylan and tells him what went down with Blake and that they kissed. And Dylan looks like he is about to cry with the amount of hurt he is going through. Needless to say, Demi feels like she needs to remind Hannah what kind of a man Hortsmann is but Hannah still doesn't know who to choose.

We'll get to see that in the rose ceremony next week. 

'Bachelor in Paradise' season 6 airs every Monday and Tuesday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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