A possible love triangle between Caelynn Keyes, Blake Horstman and Hannah Godwin in the 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Fans sure think so

A possible love triangle between Caelynn Keyes, Blake Horstman and Hannah Godwin in the 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Fans sure think so

'The Bachelor' season 23 recently came to an end, and even though the hype of Colton Underwood's relationship with Cassie Randolph has not died down, in just around a month, the franchise will premiere season 15 of 'The Bachelorette.' 

This season, the bachelorette is none other than former 'The Bachelor' contestant Hannah Brown, who was eliminated after she had just met Underwood's family. Though some fans were against Brown being 'The Bachelorette', others felt she was the perfect choice. 


Though 'The Bachelor' just came to an end and 'The Bachelorette' is yet to premiere, fans have already started speculating about possible storylines for 'Bachelor in Paradise' (BIP). The current hype speculates a possible love triangle between Caelynn Keyes, Hannah Godwin, and Blake Horstman. 

Godwin and Keyes appeared in 'The Bachelor' season 23 and Horstman is from 'The Bachelorette' season 14. Horstman made it to the finale of 'The Bachelorette,' but sadly he didn't receive the last rose. Now fans speculate that if Horstman along with Keyes and Godwin make it to 'Bachelor in Paradise,' there is a chance of a possible love triangle between the three. 

If you are wondering why, and on what this speculation is based upon, recently in an interview with Extra TV, Godwin opened up about the possibility of her going on BIP and who she would like to see there. "I think Blake’s a catch. So, I’d like to see him there,” Godwin said.



At the same time, when Keyes was asked who she wished was 'The Bachelor' before meeting Underwood during an interview with the staff of 'The Ellen Degeneres Show,' she revealed, "I wanted Blake or Jason."

And in an interview with ET, Horstman revealed he was still single and would consider appearing on BIP. Connecting the dots, fans now speculate there might be a possible storyline there. "If they all end up in paradise I have a feeling this is going to happen. Here’s why: Blake is obviously interested in Hannah G but has also said he is interested in exploring his options. Caelynn said she originally wanted Blake or Jason for bachelor so there’s interest there. Blake recently said that when he first saw cast photos from Colton’s season Hannah G and Caelynn were 'striking' to him. Blake said that he would have had the same top 4 as Colton. All this leads me to think this triangle is very possible," a Reddit fan wrote. 



Adding to that, another fan said, "Love triangles are the most interesting part of paradise for me so I’m thinking hell yeah." But there are some fans who stated they don't believe this triangle would happen. "Tbh after listening to Olivia’s podcast with Hannah G, I don’t think her and Blake will be a good match. I don’t know who she would be a good match with but, she seems very different from him like she needs a cool laid back funny dude idk how to explain it," said a fan. 

Another fan said, "I just can't see any chemistry between C+B or B+H, I dunno, it feels like a huge mismatch and I hope we never see it." But to see who makes it to BIP and what happens, we will first have to wait for 'The Bachelorette' to come to an end. 

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