Former 'Bachelor' contestant Daria Rose REVEALS how much she spent on clothes for the show

Former 'Bachelor' contestant Daria Rose REVEALS how much she spent on clothes for the show
Daria Rose was a contestant on Season 26 of 'The Bachelor' and got eliminated in the first week (Daria Rose/Instagram)

A former contestant from 'The Bachelor' shared pictures of the dresses she bought for the show and revealed how much they cost in a viral TikTok video. Daria Rose, who was a contestant on Season 26, got eliminated in the first week.

Daria Rose, who has about 39,000 followers on TikTok, revealed that the show's contestants are reportedly required to pay for their own dresses, hair, and makeup. Rose's video has received about 1.6 million views on TikTok as of Tuesday, January 25. 


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In the viral video, she takes her followers through all of the outfits she purchased in preparation for her appearance on the show—which could have been for up to two months had she not been eliminated.

The first dress, which she wore on the show for her night-one entrance, is a blue dress that was purchased from Lord and Taylor for $198. Another dress that she didn’t even wear on the show cost her $219. 

Screengrab of the first dress Rose wore on the show (TikTok)


In the TikTok video, Rose showed a total of seven ensembles that she purchased ranging from $198 to $420 per outfit, equalling a total of $2,238. The total amount she spent excluded the cost of her hair and makeup.  

“Very expensive, so um, if anyone needs to borrow a dress, let me know,” Rose said in the TikTok video.

Many viewers couldn’t believe that 'The Bachelor' contestants were really required to pay their own way on the show. One said, "No WAY they make you pay for your clothes AND makeup." Another one wrote, "Sheesh I thought y’all got sponsorships/partnerships with brands or something."

"I had no idea you had to buy your own dresses," a third commented, to which Rose replied in the comment section of the video, "Some of the girls end up sharing/swapping towards the end of the season!"

Several viewers commented that if they were a contestant on 'The Bachelor', they would have ordered their outfits from Shein, an online fast-fashion retailer known for its cheap prices. "Naw everything would’ve came from Shein," one TikToker commented. Rose wrote in response that she wanted to buy from only Black-owned companies but that her orders wouldn’t have shipped in time.

In an Instagram post, Rose shared some of the tweets shared online with a caption, "We coulda been superstars." One shared tweet read, "Daria got accepted into every single Ivy League school, graduated from Harvard, and is literally in the middle of her third year at Yale Law School...Daria is over qualified for the position." Another tweet said, "People like Daria and Elle Woods make law school look super fun and glamorous when it's really a crap ton of books that don't make sense and adult acne."



Rose concluded her Instagram post by saying, "At the end of my exit interview, my producer asked me 'what’s next?' And I replied, 'f**king graduate.' And that’s exactly what I plan to do."

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