'The Bachelor': Billy Eichner teases that Colton Underwood might be gay and fans seem to think the same

Ever since Billy Eichner's cameo appearance, fans have lapped up the theory that Underwood may be gay and that is probably why he is still afraid to lose his virginity

                            'The Bachelor': Billy Eichner teases that Colton Underwood might be gay and fans seem to think the same

'The Bachelor' season 23 kicked off with a bang and a lot has already happened in just two episodes. But the topic most often spoken about is obviously Colton Underwood's virginity. Fans and viewers are hell-bent on knowing if the NFL player is finally out of the circle of virgins. 

From what we saw in the past two episodes, it clearly seems like Underwood isn't holding anything back. He has already kissed almost every woman left in the competition. But things cannot always go so well. Making a cameo in episode 2, we witnessed Billy Eichner stir up quite a controversy in the mind of fans.


While fans are still wondering what is taking Underwood so long to lose his virginity, especially after he had appeared on 'The Bachelorette' and 'The Bachelor in Paradise', gay comedian Eichner came in and told Underwood that he might be the first ever gay bachelor. Because he still hasn't lost his virginity and neither did he ever have a one night stand.

Though Underwood managed to handle the situation well, you could make out the shock on his face when Eichner claimed that he might be gay and he should look into it.

Ever since the release of the episode, fans have now taken it to their mind that it is highly possible Underwood is gay. And maybe that is the reason he is still afraid to lose his virginity. 

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I need to tell you guys something. I am on The Bachelor tonight. Colton loses his virginity to me. I have no other comment at this time.

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"Colton the bachelor just got accused of being gay and....11/10 I agree," wrote one fan. Another fan added saying, "here’s the thing [email protected] called it. @colton IS the first gay bachelor. he doesn’t need to go to demi’s fantasy closet because he’s been there his whole life. #TheBachelor."


Apart from that, when Underwood appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel also brought the issue up and teased that he might be gay after all. Although despite all the jabs that Underwood has been getting that he might be gay, he seems to be handling it really well, fans are not letting it go down. They have taken his previous appearances on the series as an example and confirming that he is gay. "A gay @BachelorABC I wouldn’t be surprised if @colton was gay. Look at the way he acted on @BachParadise and @BacheloretteABC he can’t handle relationships when they get serious with a girl. It’s ok to be gay Colton," said another fan.

With all this said and done, it does seem a little harsh that the values he has followed all his life aren't respected. It is becoming quite repetitive at this point. After almost every contestant on the series asking him why he's gay, and now talk show hosts and cameo's teasing him that he is gay, it is a surprise that Underwood is still maintaining his sanity. Some fans have also taken to social media to comfort Underwood and make him feel fine and assure him that he is not alone.


"#TheBachelor Reasons someone might be a virgin, brought to you by a REAL VIRGIN (gasp): - they're shy - they're homebodies - they take things slowly - they're picky - they want to be with the right person It doesn't mean they're gay, weird or uninterested @colton respect, man," wrote a fan. Adding to this, another fan said, " it's going too far to put him on the spot like that. If he actually is gay, it wouldn't be a joke to him and it's not cool to make him uncomfortable about it."

All we can hope for is that the virginity topic dies a natural death and that more interesting perks from Underwood get noticed in the upcoming episodes.