Miracle baby! Newborn survives after being ripped out of mother's womb in road accident

Baby survives after her mother was involved in a horrific car crash but thanks to people react instantly, the baby was saved.

                            Miracle baby! Newborn survives after being ripped out of mother's womb in road accident
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A baby miraculously survived a horrific truck collision, after she was ripped out of the mother's womb and thrown on to the grass.

The pregnant woman was a passenger in a truck that was carrying planks of wood. The driver lost control, and the vehicle capsized on a motorway. As a result of the accident, the mother was thrown from the truck's cabin before being crushed by the wood that the truck was carrying.

The impact tore the baby from the womb, severing her umbilical cord, as she landed on the grass near the road. The baby was discovered after the medics heard the crying. The incident took place near Cajati, between Sao Paulo and Curitiba in southeast Brazil.

As reported by Daily Mail, the shocked medics found the baby meters away from the place where her mother was injured. After a checkup, it was found that the baby was uninjured and without any scratch. However, her umbilical cord appeared to have severed during the crash. The baby girl is now being treated at Pariquera-Acu regional hospital's neonatal intensive care ward.

At the time of the incident, the tabloid reports that her mother was  39 weeks pregnant and traveling without any document which is making it hard for the police and social services to identify her identity. But they are on a constant lookout for any piece of information that would help them to reach out to the family of the baby. 

The authorities have also appealed to the relatives of the woman and the baby to come forward. However, if there is no information found on them, it is most likely that the woman will be buried as unidentified and the baby will be sent to an orphanage to be taken care of. Elton Fernando Barbosa, the paramedic, was one of the firsts to arrive on the scene of the accident on the BR-116 highway. In his interview to a local tabloid, he described the accident as serious. 

Elton recalled that the driver was given first aid and he set on to look for the deceased woman. "I went looking for the fatal victim who was underneath the wood when I heard the cries of a baby. It was which total apprehension because there had been no reports of a third victim," he said. After he spotted the baby several meters away from the mother, he quickly called for an ambulance to take the baby to the hospital. 

He admitted that it was only a miracle that the baby survived. "I'll be honest. It was God. From what I saw, I have no idea how she came out alive. The mother was underneath several planks of wood. I don't know how this child got out of there with her life," he said. He added that it was emotional that they could not save the mother but were happy that the baby survived. The staff has given the baby the name Giovanna which means 'protected by God.' The driver, Jonathan Ferreira, has been charged with manslaughter. He said that he didn't know the woman and was only giving her a lift.