Doctors cut baby's face during C-section and blame it on the child for 'moving too much'

Doctors cut baby's face during C-section and blame it on the child for 'moving too much'
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A 19-year-old's newborn was left with a huge gash at the side of her face after doctors accidentally cut the baby during the C-section procedure. This happened in a public hospital in the city of Kyshtym in south-western Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region. 

Darya Kadochnikova had arrived at the hospital with the intention of going through a normal birth procedure, however, doctors decided to perform Caesarian after the baby's position changed, according to a report in Mirror.

Local media reports stated that Darya had to be given intravenous anaesthesia to be sedated completely because she could still feel everything despite being given the epidural anesthesia. After Darya woke up, she was shocked to see a huge gash on her baby's face and when she spoke to the doctors about the same, she was told that her baby "shouldn’t have moved too much."

Darya also suffered from fever after going through the C-section, yet she continues to breastfeed the baby despite being on antibiotics. The public hospital is yet to comment on the situation as of now. 

In another part of the world, 37-year-old Joanne Crellin who was 26 weeks pregnant travelled to Belgium to get a surgery done to fix her unborn child's spina bifida. This is a condition where a baby's spine doesn't develop as it should during pregnancy and condition itself leaves vital nerves exposed as the pregnancy progresses, which causes irreparable damage. According to a report in Mirror, Joanne had to rush to Belgium because no surgeon was available to perform the surgery in UK. She was also informed that her baby had hydrycepahlus, which is when there is fluid in the brain. This helped her decide and the surgery was performed on October 7. Joanne had to stay close to the hospital even after her surgery was performed because of which she had to stay away from her family. The effect of the surgery is unknown as of now and will only become clear as the baby grows.

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