Seven-month-old Baby Chanco has bedazzled the internet all thanks to her luscious hair

Baby Chanco makes everyone fall in love with her and her hair sure is an eye-catcher that one can't help but stare

                            Seven-month-old Baby Chanco has bedazzled the internet all thanks to her luscious hair
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Baby Chanco isn't even a year old, but has managed to become an Internet sensation. And it is all thanks to her lovely hair. When Chanco was born in Japan in December 2017, she already had an impressive head of hair, one that was hard to not stare and admire.

However, her family noticed that her hair continued to grow in length and thickness at an astonishing rate. They knew that they hadn't ever seen a child having such luscious hair and instead of keeping it a secret, they decided to create an Instagram account and let her hair speak for herself. With an Instagram following of 100,000 people, this seven-month-old baby is already on the way to being a social media star.

Undoubtedly, the picture created a wildfire in the world of internet as people were amazed by her hair. The first picture of Chanco was uploaded on May 8 and since then there has been no looking back. People have watched her grow in pictures and fallen more in love with her hair.  A number of people have taken to the comment section of her pictures to describe their emotions. "You are sooo cute! I thought my baby had lots of hair, but you my dear is the clear winner!" wrote one. 

Another added, "That child has more hair than I do." Meanwhile, another was curious to know the secret for having such long and strong hair as one comment read, "What do you feed your baby?" Another chimed in saying, "Amazing this child’s hair is twice plus mine. How cute. God bless her."

As reported by Independent, baby Chanco is among the few children who tend to have long hair as a young infant but as months pass by, they start to lose it. In May last year, it was reported that a baby girl who had a full crop of hair at birth started losing it when she turned four months old.

At the same time, Baby Center explains that it is common for some babies to lose their hair within their first six months. This process is called telogen effluvium and occurs due to a drop in the baby's hormones after birth. Hair and scalp experts at Philip Kingsley told the outlet that babies who are born with a lot of hair need to have it gently washed with warm water during the first four months.

As the babies grow up, parents can make use of shampoo or other products in order to ensure that the hair is efficiently washed. However, there are certain things that one should keep in mind while washing a baby's hair at such a tender age. To begin with, the parents must gently rub the scalp and hair of the baby with their hands to ensure a nice wash. It is also important to note that the baby has a support while washing the hair and it is also necessary to ensure that the shampoo does not get into their eyes.