Baby BinJin: Son Ye-jin shares that she and husband Hyunbin are expecting their first child

Baby BinJin: Son Ye-jin shares that she and husband Hyunbin are expecting their first child
Actress Son Ye-jin shares that she will be expecting her first child with her husband actor Hyunbin, three months after their fairytale wedding (Vast Entertainment; MS Team)

The news of the 'BinJin' wedding had taken over the internet when it was revealed that the two main leads of the Netflix K-drama 'Crash Landing on You' who had been publicly dating were soon to get married. Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin tied the knot on March 31 this year and the event was as grand as possible. With Ye-jin wearing one designer wedding gown after the other and Hyunbin making fans swoon as he took care of his bride during the wedding, the entire event was a fan-favorite event. 

Now, three months since the fairytale wedding, the actress has revealed that she and her husband are soon going to welcome a child into their lives. Fans were already over the moon when the couple was spotted leaving for their honeymoon. Now, their joy has no bounds after Ye-jin shared with well-wishers that she and Hyunbin are pregnant and will soon be welcoming a Baby BinJin.


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From reel to real, K-drama couple Son Ye-jin and Hyun-bin tied the knot in March 2022 in a closed ceremony in Seoul, South Korea (VAST Entertainment, MSTeam)

Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin to have their first child together

In her Instagram post, Ye-jin shared a photo of blossoming flowers with her fans with the caption, "A new life has come to us”. In the post she made on June 27, she said, "Today I'm cautious and I'd like to share some good news." She informed fans that they have been blessed with a new life and didn't know how to share their feelings with fans. She stated that she is still feeling the new changes that are taking place in her body as she is both worried and excited about what is in store.

Ye-jin told fans, "I was so careful that I haven't been able to tell the people around me yet." The couple did not want fans to hear the news from anyone else, which is why she was sharing it with them personally before informing the media. As fans were expecting the couple to have their first child for a long time, Ye-jin said, "To the fans and those around us who will be waiting for this news as much as us, we are delivering the news before it's too late."

Hyun-bin puts a ring on Son Ye-jin's finger (@yejinhand_hk/Twitter)

'Can't wait for Baby Binjin'

Son Ye-jin concluded her message with a promise to protect the precious life that has been sent to the couple and wished for fans and well-wishers to stay healthy and happy too. Fans on the other hand are sharing their joy as they call Hyunbin and Ye-jin's soon-to-be-born child 'Baby BinJin'. One fan said, "Yejin's letters are always cute.. i remember her dating confirmation letter that was cute too . She really treats her fan's as her family .. i'm so happy for them .. congrats binjin babies."

Another fan said, "AHHHH CANT WAIT FOR BABY BINJIN." Someone chimed in, "SEE YOU SOON BABY BINJIN HUHUHU." Someone else echoed, "BINJIN BABY." Another added, "Congratulations. baby binjin soon!" One fan said, "Sucker for happily ever afters and this just makes me soo softtt This baby will be born as a legit Hallyu star. Those genes."







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