Baauer shares VIP remix of 'Hate Me' ft. Miquela

Baauer shares VIP remix of 'Hate Me' ft. Miquela

Last month, Baauer, the man who gave us the ultra-viral hit 'Harlem Shake' dropped the single 'Hate Me', featuring Miquela. Now, just three weeks after the original release, the EDM artist has released the 'Hate Me' VIP remix ft Miquela. According to a statement, Baauer created this rugged VIP version for playing live and passing around his DJ friends. But after getting such a huge reaction at shows, he decided to release this to the world, with the first play coming from Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats One.

Baauer and cyber-it-girl Miquela met online before hitting it off on the collaborative effort. On 'Hate Me', Miquela confronts those who say she doesn't matter simply because of who and what she is.

She gets real about her struggle with fame and the negativity from followers that comes as part of the cruel, high school cafeteria that is the internet.

In just over a year Lil Miquela has amassed over 1.4 million followers and graced numerous magazine covers including Wonderland, HighSnobiety, King Kong, Wired Italia and more. On 'Hate Me' she meets the original child of the internet, Baauer: still one of only two artists to clock over 100 million streams in a week alongside Drake.

The new song sees Baauer's trademark production reach new levels. The lyric video animated by Pitch Studios, LuckyMe & Brud, sees Miquela move on camera for the first time: a music video from the uncanny valley. Listen to 'Hate Me' VIP remix ft Miquela below.



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