Why is 'B Positive' Episode 5 not airing today and what to expect for Drew and Gina when the series returns?

'B Positive' will once again be featuring a rerun and will return on December 17 with a new episode that will serve as the midseason finale

                            Why is 'B Positive' Episode 5 not airing today and what to expect for Drew and Gina when the series returns?
Still from 'B Positive' (CBS)

Spoilers for 'B Positive' Season 1 Episode 4 'Joint Pain'

The first season of 'B Positive' has been slow, due to a number of breaks and reruns leading to the first season only having released four episodes despite being on the air for eight weeks. December 10 will feature another repeat, just before the show goes on its midseason break on December 17 with its fifth episode.

Instead of airing a new episode, 'B Positive' will feature a repeat of Episode 4, 'Joint Pain', where Drew (Thomas Middleditch) and Julia's (Sarah Rue) divorce proceedings get started in earnest, leaving Drew in decidedly low spirits. Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) decides to cheer him up in her own, unique, unconventional manner and it's not long before the two are bonding over memories Drew has of the happier days of his marriage to Julia. While under the influence, Drew decides to go steal a ceramic owl from Julia's home but when Julia returns home earlier than expected, the two end up sleeping together - leaving their current situation quite up in the air.

Despite Drew and Gina's bonding, next week's episode features Drew's inherent mistrust of Gina raising its ugly head once again. Drew, paranoid that Gina is going to ruin her kidneys before his surgery can happen, downloads a tracking device for her so he can follow her movements. Considering Gina has debt collectors coming after her, this probably would have been a good idea anyway, but doing it without her permission is a line that Drew should not have crossed. Of course, the one thing everyone knows about downloading a new app is how quickly it can all go wrong and it probably won't be long before Drew messes up big time.

The official synopsis for the episode reads, "Drew downloads a tracking app to keep an eye on Gina after he begins getting concerned about her reckless behavior." No mention is made of the complications in Drew and Julia's relationship, however, though it's possible that the series might choose to ignore the situation for an episode.

'B Positive' will return with new episodes on December 17, at 8:30 pm ET on CBS, after which it will go on hiatus until January 7, 2021.

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