'B Positive' Episode 4: Drew's control issues get out of hand as he starts tracking Gina on his app

Drew's paranoia reaches a new height as he starts tracking Gina through an app and keeps constant tabs on her

                            'B Positive' Episode 4: Drew's control issues get out of hand as he starts tracking Gina on his app
Still from 'B Positive' (CBS)

Drew (Thomas Middleditch) has a lot to be worried about, but in this episode, he's taken things just a step too far. After growing increasingly worried about Gina's (Annaleigh Ashford) recklessness and poor impulse control, a paranoid Drew asks Gina to agree to be tracked on an app. He doesn't quite seem to realize that this is very much the definition of stalking — despite Gina repeating the fact, several times, trying to drive the point home. 

Even Drew's daughter realizes how bad Drew's paranoia is getting, telling her dad that Gina is an adult who can take care of herself. It's that same point that frustrates Gina — she can't even have a night out with friends without Drew calling her to ask what she's doing in the city, at a bar. He can't even get through one of his own therapy sessions without worrying about what she's doing. It gets so bad that he can't even leave her voice messages because he's already filled her inbox with worried voice messages about her location. 

On the one hand, all this is is a reversal of Gina's own lack of boundaries. She's moved into his home, brought her pets into his life and filled his garage with an illegal brewery. It takes Julia (Sarah Rue) to calm Drew down and realize that he ought to be grateful to Gina instead of constantly hounding Gina for her choices. Secretly, though, Julia calls Gina during one of her more daring exploits — jumping out of a plane.

It's Julia who convinces Gina that she ought to be more careful — at least, until the operation, considering the responsibilities she has towards Drew.

It turns out that Julia is the secret glue that's holding Gina and Drew together, at least for now. Given how well she understands Drew and knows how to handle him while looking out for his well-being, it's honestly surprising the pair ever divorced in the first place.

By the end of the episode, Gina and Drew have managed to reach a compromise in terms of paranoia vs. recklessness...and Gina even takes Drew skydiving with her, so he can know exactly what is happening to his kidney at its most dangerous. 'B Positive' will return with new episodes on January 7 at 8.30 pm ET on CBS.

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