'B Positive' Episode 2: Show slammed for portrayal of serious medical condition, fans say it's insulting to donors'

The show's inaccuracies have even got some attention from the National Kidney Foundation

                            'B Positive' Episode 2: Show slammed for portrayal of serious medical condition, fans say it's insulting to donors'
'B Positive' (CBS)

'B Positive' focuses on its main character, Drew's (Thomas Middleditch) kidney failure, and his relationship with his kidney donor Gina (Annaleigh Ashford). This episode, as Drew's condition takes a turn for the worse, forcing him to go into dialysis, the show's fans are unhappy with the series' portrayal of this serious medical condition, believing it makes light of a serious situation in way that does not sit comfortably with them. 

The latest episode brings in new cast members in the form of Drew's new dialysis buddies, all of whom are portrayed as desperate for a kidney and resentful of Drew for having gotten one already, which is the first mark against the show for some. "I don't like how the dialysis patients are some negative. I've been on dialysis for 16 years and I'm not on the transplant list. I don't want to be on the list," writes a fan, on Twitter. "Hey @BPositive, don’t be negative! The title of tonight’s episode, “Die Alysis”, isn’t quite right. #Dialysis saves lives! Maybe it should be called “Life Alysis”?" writes another.



Other fans call the show out for its inaccuracies - including a chime-in from the National Kidney Foundation. "Drew, you don’t have to do dialysis in a center like Samantha, Eli, and Jerry. You can do it at home!" writes the Foundation. A fan writes, "you don't just go to dialysis. You need to have access created. There's also two different types of dialysis, so you have to decide which type you want to do or which type is better for you."



Overall, fans are unhappy with the show's portrayal of the situation. One fan, who is annoyed with the show's teasing of a romantic subplot, writes, "@BPositive we have to do better than this. Please. How insulting to living kidney donors. We give to save a life. Not for sexual harassment." Another fan writes, "What's with the hype of taking a horrible situation and trying to turn it into comedy?" One of the most scathing reviews, however, writes, "It's a bad show if you're two episodes in and are fine with the main character dying." 




The next episode of 'B Positive' airs at 8:30 PM ET on November 19, on CBS.

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