'B Positive' Episode 1 Preview: Meet Drew in his desperate search for kidney and a unique bond with Gina

Drew is a divorced father and therapist who discovers he needs a kidney, and forms an unlikely bond with an acquaintance

                            'B Positive' Episode 1 Preview: Meet Drew in his desperate search for kidney and a unique bond with Gina
Drew and Gina (CBS)

Coming to CBS is a brand new sitcom from Chuck Lorre and Marco Pennette — a medical comedy about old acquaintances who are about to have a lot more in common than they ever thought possible. Meet Drew (Thomas Middleditch), a divorced father and therapist, who's in desperate need of a kidney and finds out that his best chance for a donor happens to be an old acquaintance of his, Gina (Annaleigh Ashford).

The series premieres Thursday, November 5 and the CBS description of the show reads, "Drew, a newly divorced dad who is at the end of his rope when faced with finding a kidney donor. When he runs into Gina, a rough-around-the-edges woman from his past who volunteers her own kidney, the two form an unlikely bond and begin a life-changing journey." There have been worse reasons for starting a friendship, and sharing a kidney is certainly one of the more unique bonds two acquaintances can share, but curious viewers are already starting to wonder if Drew isn't also hoping to steal away Gina's heart.

Rounding out the cast are Kether Donohue as Leanne, a multi-tasking party girl juggling jobs while going all work and all play, and Sara Rue as Julia, Drew's ex-wife, whose ambitious need to climb the social ladder is ultimately what led to their divorce when she cheated on him. The series also features several recurring guest stars, such as Linda Lavin, Briga Heelan and Darryl Stephens.

A sneak peek for the episode shows Drew at his doctor's office, worriedly waiting for his doctor's test results. With a closed folder right there in front of him, he can't help but sneak a peek and get caught red-handed by his doctor — who informs him that the chart he's looking at belongs, in fact, to a Mrs Yang.

The official synopsis for the pilot episode reads, "Drew discovers he needs a kidney and finds his donor in the last person he ever would've imagined." You can watch a sneak peek of the episode below:



This episode of 'B Positive' airs at 8.30 PM ET, on CBS.

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