'B Positive': 'Gross' intro, 'unrealistic' plot leaves viewers in negative state over 'Chuck Lorre's miss'

Fans are disliking everything from the show's weak humor to its flippant attitude towards serious issues and its 'gross' intro

                            'B Positive': 'Gross' intro, 'unrealistic' plot leaves viewers in negative state over 'Chuck Lorre's miss'

Chuck Lorre has had a lot of television success, making his mark on shows like 'Two and a Half Men' and 'The Big Bang Theory'. They can't all be winners though and as far as first impressions go, "B-ing Positive" is not something fans are doing for the new medical comedy, 'B Positive', citing problems with everything from the show's flippant humor for a serious medical condition to its gruesome title sequence.

The show follows a divorced dad Drew (Thomas Middleditch) who finds out from his doctor that he's in need of a kidney transplant. After running into an acquaintance from high school at a wedding, Gina (Annaleigh Ashford), she promises him her own kidney — only to later find out there's a catch. The party-loving Gina is going to have to give up all drugs and alcohol for three entire months.

Some viewers knew, right from the start, that this show wasn't for them. "Oh God. This show is awful! 8 minutes in & between the blood spattered intro to absolutely none of the characters not meshing in a believable way? This show needs a lifeline in everything," wrote one user. "I was so looking forward to your show, but 2 mins in, you drop in a crack about Republicans. Why can’t you make a show funny without showing your hate?" said another. "This show is terrible. I had to turn it off after 10 minutes," said one user. 






Other users had a strong reaction to the show's opening theme, which features a close-up shot of an organ against a medieval background in the middle of a surgery, grossing a lot of viewers out. "Did anyone else see and think the intro scenes were vulgar, disgusting, gross, sick and just totally not appropriate??? What idiot came up with that hot mess??" wrote a baffled viewer.

"If I could NEVER see that intro to b positive ever again (or the show in general ever again) that would be great thank" says this fan. "That opening looks more like medieval torture or a serial killer at work than an opening to a comedy. Awful!!" said another.






All in all, the verdicts for the show aren't the strongest, with some of viewers saying some pretty harsh things. "Not a very funny show @BPositive. Very unrealistic. Chuck Lorre's miss, I guess he is due one!" wrote a viewer. "This doesn’t make it to a 2nd season," said another. One tweet added, "As a transplant recipient, this show is flippant at best to a serious issue and should never have been made."






The next episode of 'B Positive' airs on November 12 at 8.30 pm ET on CBS.

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