'B Positive': National Kidney Foundation is show's best live tweeter as it dispels myths about organ donation

The National Kidney Association is taking full advantage of a sitcom about kidney transplants to spread their message

                            'B Positive': National Kidney Foundation is show's best live tweeter as it dispels myths about organ donation
Thomas Middleditch as Drew and Annaleigh Ashford as Gina on 'B Positive' (CBS)

Getting proper information about kidney dialysis can be a challenge, especially when it comes to generating interest. For the National Kidney Foundation, a sitcom that's all about kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplants could not have been more of a boon. As such, the National Kidney Foundation has quickly become the show's most loyal follower, live-tweeting throughout the show and using it to dispel the many myths surrounding the kidney transplant process and providing more information to those who might be curious.

From the start, NKF would watch along with the fans of the show, taking the opportunity at several key moments in the episode to educate the show's followers about Drew (Thomas Middleditch) and Gina's (Annaleigh Ashford) journey. In the latest episode, for example, Gina has to take a psych evaluation and the NKF dropped in to let people know why a psych evaluation is necessary for a seemingly unrelated kidney transplant. 

"The psychological evaluation is very important, Gina! It makes sure that each donor is in good mental health and understands the donation process. Learn more about what else is involved in the evaluation process," the NKF wrote. The NKF even took the moment to point out the importance of mental health not only for the donor but the organ receiver as well. "Hey @BPositive, Drew’s #dialysis friends look like they’re making him anxious. Maintaining a positive outlook and reducing stress can play an important role in staying healthy!" the NKF wrote.






While there are many fans who are watching along with the show to post their reactions, few are quite as dedicated as the NKF or have comments as detailed or as invested - even throwing their support behind Gina as she begins breaking down once she finds out her ex is getting married to someone new. "You don't need him, Gina! Maybe take your mind off Darren by thinking about something else - like all the amazing benefits you can expect after donating?" the Foundation says, encouragingly. The Twitter account even lets people know about important programs, writing, "Going through stresses in the donor process like Gina and Drew? It’s understandable for kidney patients, dialysis patients and transplant recipients to feel anxious during the process, so talking to someone might help. NKF PEERS is here for you." 





The next episode of 'B Positive' airs on February 11 at 8:30 pm ET, on CBS.