Who is Azealia Banks collaborating with? Trolls say ‘no one really famous likes her’

Who is Azealia Banks collaborating with? Trolls say ‘no one really famous likes her’
Azealia Banks hinted she is coming with a fun collaboration (Photo by Tim P Whitby/Getty Images)

Though Azealia Banks always stays in the news for her controversial remarks on celebrities, for once she was trending on the Internet for her music. The New York City native took to her Instagram to tease a brand new collaboration which made the fans curious.

Banks, who has been canceled by social media users on several occasions, announced a “really fun” collaboration with a female artist which soon led to a game of guessing as many tried to decode her cryptic Instagram post. Speaking of her music, Banks has only released her debut album so far called ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ along with a few mixtapes. The album released in 2014 included singles like ‘Yung Rapunxel’, ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’, ‘Chasing Time’ and ‘Ice Princess’. Azealia’s hip-house and dance-pop record peaked at number 30 on the US Billboard 200 chart. 
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Who is Azealia Banks collaborating with?

Taking it to her official Instagram account, the 30-year-old emcee shared a text post that read, “Popzealiar is coming.”  And, with an intention to hype her announcement, she captioned the post as “I have a REALLY fun collab coming out with a female artist. Popzealiar is getting along and having funnnnnn!!! Can you Guess who?” Her loyal fans then took the assignment pretty seriously as they started guessing the name of a pop star who could join hands with Banks on her new project.

The ‘212’ hitmaker most recently dropped her new racy single called ‘F**k Him All Night’. The cover art of the song featured Azealia wearing nails with the name of her rival Kanye West. Her quotable lyrics go like, “My pu**y lips visible like I'm H to the Izzo/ Shorty telling me my pu**y fat like Lizzo/ All these bi**hes is zeroes, still not a DeNiro/ I'm high like Sharon Stone in Casino.” It is also reported that the rapper is putting final touches to her mixtape ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave’ which will be a sequel to her 2012 mixtape ‘Fantasea’. 




‘She could be trolling’, says Twitter

As soon as Banks asked her fans to guess the female artist she is collaborating with, social media users rushed to Twitter to speak on the same. One user said, “Streets are saying azealia banks is collaborating with Olivia Rodrigo.”  Another guessed, “Azealia Banks x Gwen Stefani??? Probablyy? Gwen is in the making of her new album!” Another user said, “Azealia Banks said she’s collaborating with a female artist, yall can’t tell me it isn’t blackpink cus she likes jennie and jennie is in la rn working on music.”
One fan posted, “Azealia banks ft Addison Rae incoming I fear omgggg.” Whereas, one requested, “Azealia banks & lady gaga finally please.” Another mocked Banks and tweeted, “What female in pop music would be brave enough to ft Azealia Banks?” Meanwhile, another on similar lines trolled her by saying, “Someone is literally working with her.”  One user claimed, “No one really famous likes her. So my guess is some B-rated popstar like Charli xcx or Sky Ferreira.” And, another concluded, “With a name like pop it’s gotta be charli right??? but also the word “liar” is in the graphic so who knows, she could be trolling.”




















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