Awaken' Episode 6: Jung-woo confesses to abetting suicide, but Hye-won thinks this is another trap

'Awaken' Episode 6 sees Jung-woo get captured while attacking So Min-ho and he confesses to being the person behind the abetment of suicide in the serial murder case

                            Awaken' Episode 6: Jung-woo confesses to abetting suicide, but Hye-won thinks this is another trap
'Awaken'/ Nam Goong-min (tvN)

'Awaken' Episode 6 begins with Jung-woo (Nam Goong-min) in the safe house where they are guarding the man who is supposed to be the next target of the killer. The CEO So Min-ho (Choi Jin-Ho) who killed many innocent children by experimenting on them is the target and if and how he will be killed is the crux of the episode. Jung-woo has laid the trap patiently after abetting the death of multiple men connected with the White Night Village incident. He is the child who survived and even as he tries to explain his intentions, he get attacked by Min-ho.

Of course, the fact that Jung-woo has been different from other humans helps him at this point since he able to save himself and even counterattack Min-ho. He also gets information that he needs from Min-ho at knifepoint all while the reporter Lee Ji-wook (Yoon Kyung-Ho) records the sordid details on his phone. He confirms that the White Night Foundation that had operated the orphanage that he had belonged to as a child and the one where he was experimented on is still operating and the experiments also seem to be continuing. Min-ho, however, is not the one heading this operation, then who is, is the question that Jung-woo has for him. 

He confirms who heads the foundation and also asks if Ji Hyun-gi is still around. He also asks if the formula that he had created had worked for the experiment and that makes us wonder what exactly are these people experimenting to find out? What is surprising about this episode is that Jung-woo gets captured red-handed. His partner who had believed in him and had assumed that he could never do a senseless act such as murder had to cuff him and bring him in.

It is then that Jung-woo confesses and even explains his connection to the White Night Village. He also tells his former team that they should accept whatever they are being offered to keep silent and warns them that being curious would only lead to their death. He explains how he used lucid dreams to get the men involved in the Night of Tragedy to kill themselves just as the children in the past had killed themselves. He did not manage to bring the White Night Foundation down or even spotlight the tragedy that had occurred the night that many kids had died. He got imprisoned instead and also tells Jaime that she should return to the US now that she had caught the perpetrator, which happens to be himself. His grand plan is something that we can only keep guessing at as Jung-woo throws one twist after another at us. 

What we do not know is Jung-woo's actual plan but it is clear that his partner Hye-won's (Seolhyun) father Kong Il-Do (Kim Chang-Wan) is involved in all of this. Will he use this connection? The fact that the White Night Foundation continues to experiment on people is something that was revealed by Son Min-ho and that is what brings us to the next question. How does Jung-woo plan on stopping this experimentation on humans from inside the jail? After Jung-woo gets arrested, So Min-ho sends men inside the prison to attempt and kill him, but Jung-woo's special talents help him survive his first night in jail. At the same time, Jaime Leighton (Lee Chung-ah) and Hye-won continue to investigate further.

Can their investigation reveal the truth behind the tragedy that occurred in the past? If it does, Hye-won is going to be heartbroken further as she will learn of her father's active involvement with the White Night Foundation. 

As everyone scrambles to deal with Jung-woo, we wonder if Jamie and Jung-woo could be the only survivors. What about the survivor who would be 42 years old if he were alive? This missing survivor is definitely not Jung-woo as the name doesn't match, so who could it be then? Also, Jung-woo suffers from a brain-related illness like the other survivors and submits documents to show that he is terminally ill. This is something that Jaime had also suffered from but she had been operated on when she was kidnapped earlier and now seems fine.

Can Jung-woo not heal himself as he did Jaime? This indicates that the documentation about him being terminally ill could be another play to get a plan going against the Foundation. Could it be that there is more to Jaime and Jung-woo's story? We will have to wait and watch.

'Awaken' episodes air on Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN in Seoul, South Korea at 9 pm KST and can be streamed on Viki in the US.


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