'Awaken' Episode 7 Spoilers: What is the secret of Jaime's identity? Jung-woo may just reveal her truth

'Awaken' episode 7 will see Jaime come face to face with Jung-woo after he is released. He asks her if she really wants to know the truth about herself

                            'Awaken' Episode 7 Spoilers: What is the secret of Jaime's identity? Jung-woo may just reveal her truth
Nam Goong-min, Seol Hyun and others in 'Awaken' (tvN)

'Awaken' episode 7 will see how Jung-woo (Nam Goong-min) doggedly continues on the path of revenge as he tracks the movements of the new leader of the White Night Foundation and its research lab while trying his best to keep his former partner Hye-won (Seolhyun) at arm's length. He doesn't seem to be succeeding too much in either. Then, there is also the matter of the truth behind Jaime's (Lee Chung-ah) identity and the missing pieces of her memories that Jung-woo seems ready to reveal to her in the upcoming episode. 

The promo of the episode shows how Hye-won meets Jung-woo after he is released and the first question that she asks him is if he really is terminally ill. While it can be possible that Jung-woo suffers from some form of brain disease, just as Jaime did until a while ago and the other survivors, he is smart enough to treat himself. So for now, we believe that this is his ploy to get out of jail and get cracking on coming up with a plan to destroy White Night Foundation before they end up with another massacre on their hands. 

Now, the next question is if Jung-woo really is unaware of Hye-won's father being a doctor on board the White Night Foundation and the role that he had played in the past and continues to play. If he is aware of the same, is he using Hye-won for his revenge plan? The way he hugs her seems extremely unlike him as he had never been someone to show physical affection. The only person that Jung-woo seemed to be interested in from the beginning is the girl that he met in the orphanage, the one that he had wanted looked into and the one who he had sketched. We believe that this is none other than Jaime as Jung-woo has been captivated by her from the moment he laid eyes on her. 

We have also learned that somehow, Jaime as a child had done something that had led her to believe that she was the reason behind the Night of Tragedy. This is also the recurring dream that Jaime has had for a while now. Having lived with Jung-woo when the two of them were young, he could be interested in her. So what is this sudden expression of affection that he shows towards Hye-won all about? He also indicates in a conversation with Jaime that there is more to her identity than what has been revealed. Does this secret hold more answers to the kind of experiments that White Night Foundation continues to conduct in its laboratory? We would have to see how all of this pans out. In just three weeks, this show has definitely captured our attention! 

'Awaken' episodes air on Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN in Seoul, South Korea at 9pm KST and can be streamed on Viki in the US.

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