'Avengers: Endgame' to be rereleased in theatres with new scenes, a post-credit tribute and 'a few surprises'

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed that 'Avengers: Endgame' would be returning to theatres with new footage that did not make it to the official cut that was released in April

                            'Avengers: Endgame' to be rereleased in theatres with new scenes, a post-credit tribute and 'a few surprises'

‘Avengers: Endgame’ has gone on to become one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

The epic superhero film made a whopping $2.743 billion, falling just short of the $2.788 billion record set by James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ at the all-time global box office.

The movie might just have a chance to beat that record with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirming that ‘Endgame’ would be returning to theatres for a second round—this time with additional footage that did not appear in the first release.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Feige confirmed the re-release and added that they were “doing it next weekend."

"We are doing that," Feige said. "I don't know if it's been announced. And I don't know how much... Yeah, we're doing it next weekend."

“If you stay and watch the movie, after the credits, there’ll be a deleted scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises,” he added.

The announcement came during a press junket for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ in London.

Director Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, Executive producer Jon Favreau, President of Marvel Studios/Producer Kevin Feige, and Executive producer Louis D'Esposito attend the Los Angeles World Premiere of Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" (Getty Images)

‘Avengers: Endgame’ delivered a memorable and heartbreaking ending to the decade-long story of the Avengers. It swiftly broke records and shot straight to the top of the box office both domestically and globally.

While it has lost that momentum in the two months since its release, fans of the franchise have continued to debate plot points, make memes and deliver tributes to the favorite characters who gave their lives to defeat Josh Brolin’s charismatic villain Thanos.

Those fans are bound to be overjoyed at the prospect of seeing the movie again with new scenes.

In April 2018, James Cameron had said that he hoped audiences would soon tire of the superhero genre in films.

“I’m hoping we’ll start getting ‘Avenger’ fatigue here pretty soon,” the veteran filmmaker told IndieWire. “Not that I don’t love the movies. It’s just, come on, guys, there are other stories to tell besides hyper-gonadal males without families doing death-defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process. It’s like, oy!”

After ‘Endgame’ overtook Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ on the all-time global box office, the director took to social media to congratulate Marvel on the achievement. Now with the re-release coming up, he might have to do it all over again for ‘Avatar’. 

James Cameron congratulates Marvel on beating 'Titanic' at the global box-office. (Instagram)

The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ re-release will be arriving just in time to let fans catch a quick (more than 3 hours long) recap before ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ swings into theatres on July 2, 2019.

While ‘Endgame’ was the end for the Avengers, ‘Far From Home’ will reportedly serve as an epilogue for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 and light the way forward for the franchise.

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