Accidentally leaked 'Avengers 4' title suggested that it's a "Wrap-Up"

Although the leaked title might go against what the directors anticipate, it still suggests that the Earth's greatest heroes will be seen for one last time together in 'Avengers 4'

                            Accidentally leaked 'Avengers 4' title suggested that it's a "Wrap-Up"
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Ever since Canadian cinematographer, Trent Opaloch, allegedly accidentally revealed the title to the sequel of 'Avengers: Infinity War,' MCU fans have been eagerly pitching their theories to try and make sense of the leaked title. Until recently, the actual title of the film was 'Avengers 4.' Trent Opaloch who has worked as the cinematographer for the Marvel universe, and has given shape to movies, like, 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' 'Captain America: Civil War,' and 'Avengers: Infinity War,' had accidentally put up on his resume the title of the latest movies in the series, as 'Avengers: End Game'.

According to Omega Underground, who were the first to report on the update, it is less likely of Opaloch to put up a fake title to confuse fans any more than they already are. Using the postfix 'End Game' isn't something uncommon when it comes to superhero movie series. It has been quite a popular title in comics since 'Batman' also has a storyline called 'Endgame,' whereas Marvel itself includes comics such as 'Incredible Hulk' and 'Moon Knight' which have titles as 'Endgame,' although they don't hold any greater significance.

As Digital Spy has also mentioned that 'Endgame' has been the name of an event which ran through the 'X-Men' spin-off 'X-Factor,' the story which talks about the fate of the child who would eventually become Cable. It is also the name of the multiple personalities belonging to Legion. However, most of these titles fall under Fox/Marvel, and may not be a good example for the yet to be titled 'Avengers 4,' as it falls under the Disney/Fox merger. 

JK Schmidt from speculates that the leaked title of the movie doesn't match what directors Joe and Anthony Russo had once said during an interview with Uproxx, "It’s certainly grounded in the narrative that we have been following throughout the MCU – very well grounded." They further denied that it would be based on any of the lines mentioned in 'Avengers: Infinity War.' The duo had once mentioned Marvel's decision to hold back the title of the fourth series came after the spotlight was taken away from the 'Age of Ultron' film, after the announcement of 'Infinity War Part 1' and 'Part 2.'

"I've said before, it's gotten entirely out of hand, and now it will have no chance of living up to any expectations of what it's gonna be. And it sort of backfired, if I'm honest with you because the notion was to not talk about it so the focus was to be on [Infinity War]," IGN quoted Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige as saying. Although certainly 'Avengers 4' will not be subtitled as 'Infinity War 2,' the movies are still being said to be closely connected. According to Feige, "They’re absolutely directly connected, as many of our movies are but more so than many of our other movies...People will want to know what happens next immediately at the end of it."

After being announced in 2014, the original title of the fourth movie in the series was supposed to be 'Avengers: Infinity War Part 2', however, the title- as Feige noted- might be the spoiler to the movie. 'Avengers 4' is supposed to wrap it all up, and probably that is the reason why Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth stuck around even though their contracts have almost expired, and fans will probably see Captain America in his old costume which might signify a flashback.