Man who is attracted to young boys claims he is a 'virtuous pedophile' because he will never act on his urges

An investigation by 60 Minutes Australia looks into a group of people who call themselves "virtuous pedophiles," and say they could never think of acting on their urges.

                            Man who is attracted to young boys claims he is a 'virtuous pedophile' because he will never act on his urges
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An Australian man who confessed he is sexually attracted to boys as young as seven and eight years old has insisted that he is a "virtuous pedophile" who will never act on his urges.

Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia, the man, who goes by his online name of 'Kira,' revealed he first started developing feelings towards young boys when he was just a teenager, and that as he grew older, those preferences did not change.

"At about 15 I was going through school. I was looking at boys, I was finding them sexually attractive," he said. "But as I was growing older I wasn't attracted to boys my own age. Post puberty, I was more attracted to younger ones."

When asked about the ages of the boys he was attracted to, he answered, "In a purely physical sense, I would say seven, eight years old."

Kira said there are many "virtuous pedophiles" like him who are attracted to children but have taken a vow to never act on their desires, adding that they were all aware that what they felt was wrong but that they had no control over their feelings.

"We do know the difference between right and wrong," he insisted. "You associate [pedophilia] with monsters. It's very hard then to realize that, hang on a minute, I'm not a monster. I've got a morality. I could never bring myself to do something like that. But then, you've got this dark secret inside you, as well."

Todd Nickerson, from Tennessee, is another who identifies himself as a "virtuous pedophile." But unlike Kira, Nickerson has come out into the open in a bid to educate the community about the difficulties he and people like him face, and to assure others he is not a threat.

"I feel a great burden has been lifted off of me because now people take me at face value, they know what I'm about for better or worse," he said.

Dr. James Cantor, a psychologist who specializes in atypical sexuality, told 60 Minutes that evidence showed that pedophilia begins before birth and that pedophiles are born, not made. "It (the brain) is accidentally identifying things in the environment that should evoke a parental instinct but instead it's provoking a sexual and erotic instinct," he explained.

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