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Australia named safest country in the world for women, as London and Paris slide down the list

The list compiled from data from consultancy New World Health, suggested that a country's long term growth was boosted based on how safe it was for women
UPDATED MAR 17, 2020
(Source : Getty Images)
(Source : Getty Images)

For the second time in a row, Australia has been named the safest country in the world for women. The list was compiled from data from consultancy New World Wealth and shows that other major European cities like London and Paris have become less safe for women over the years.

The report said that female safety will boost the country's long term growth.

"This means that wealth growth is boosted by strong levels of woman safety in a country," read the report, as reported by the Daily Mail. The report also noted that out of 195 countries, only 58 had reasonably reliable crime statistics. Australia, Malta, Iceland, New Zealand, and Canada remained in the top five for the second year running.

The reported also stated that Australia has the world’s leading economy per capita.

Another reason for Australia to get the status of the leading economy was the country’s high minimum wage. At the same time, the country has been a favorite for most millionaires as they saw it has the best place on the basis for the long-term prospect. 

The country is also known to attract many tourists throughout the year. One of the main attractions in the country is Fraser Island. It is the world's largest sand island, stretching over 120km and is also inscribed as a World Heritage Site.

In fact, when it comes to beaches, the country has countless of them. For any beach lover or the lover of the sea, this place offers a number of options and for a tourist, it can be all about seeing a new beach every day. However, the country makes sure that there is plenty for others who may not see themselves has a beach person. With over 500 national parks, people are welcomed to enjoy nature and wildlife. 

Australia has also set many records over the years. For instance, it has the world's longest fence, the world's largest rock, largest cinema screen in the world, and many more. They are also not far behind when it comes to having fun as Australia holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Toga party. The country also offers people a sight that they wouldn't have ever seen before. The famous pink lake is one of the many tourist attractions in the country. 

The pink lake is a salt lake in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia. The color pink of the lake is caused by external changes and weather conditions. At the same time, green alga Dunaliella salina, halobacterium Halobacteria cutirubrum, and/or high concentration of brine prawn also are the reasons for the water to turn pink in color. The country also offers natural attractions that have to be seen to be believed. For instance, Australia is home to The Pinnacles. 

The Pinnacles are limestone formations within Nambung National Park and some of the tallest pinnacles reach heights of up to 3.5m above the yellow sand base. They also have Devil’s Marbles. This protected area is considered to be of great cultural and spiritual significance. Australia, which has a population of nearly 59 million people is always welcoming people with open arms while ensuring that everyone in the country lives in a safe environment.