Aubrey Plaza, with net worth $6M, strolls with pooches after raising $3.5M from 'Parks And Recreation' reunion

Aubrey Plaza, with net worth $6M, strolls with pooches after raising $3.5M from 'Parks And Recreation' reunion
Aubrey Plaza (Getty Images)

To help raise funds for the Feeding America charity and help fans keep their spirits up amid the ongoing pandemic, the cast of NBC's sitcom 'Parks And Recreation' recently had a virtual reunion. 

The much-anticipated reunion saw Amy Poehler, Andy Scott, Nick Offerman, Chris Patt, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza. 

Plaza, after raising $3.5M with the rest of her co-stars and making a generous donation towards the cause, was recently spotted walking her dogs around her residence in Los Feliz. She was clad in a pair of running shorts, a red tee-shirt and her faced was covered with a mask. 

The actress, whose net worth is around $6M, is famous for her portrayal of April Ludgate on 'Parks And Recreation'. Although she was well known as an actress, Plaza has tried her hand in various fields of the industry, including improv, sketch comedy at the theatre and stand-up comedy. 

Before featuring in ‘Park and Recreation’, which helped her garner praise from a global audience, Plaza starred opposite Seth Rogen in 2009’s ‘Funny People’ as his love interest.

Her performance of an impassive employee April Ludgate went to become one of the show’s breakout characters. Although more shows and movies kept her busy after ‘Parks and Recreation’ concluded, Plaza said in an interview with that she misses so many things about Ludgate that she didn’t know how to describe it. 

She said, “It was very much inspired by me and my personality, so that was fun. But over the years we added a lot of different layers to her and she kind of changed a lot, which was really the fun part of playing her, too — how she changed over the series."

Fans may be wondering if she would return to portray a similar character. However, Plaza said, "I think it was a unique time in my life getting that part and playing that kind of character. I don't think I'll be able to do that again."

After ‘Parks and Recreation’, Plaza was seen in 'Criminal Minds' as Cat Adams and Amahl Farouk in 27 episodes of 'Legion', among many more. 

Some of her latest movies include ‘Ingrid Goes West’, ‘The Little Hours’ and ‘Child’s Play’.


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 Aubrey Plaza net worth 6 million stroll pooch raise 3.5 Parks And Recreation reunion