Astroworld tragedy: Drake FINALLY apologizes after online backlash

Astroworld tragedy: Drake FINALLY apologizes after online backlash
Drake has broken his silence about the Astroworld fest where Travis Scott performed (Photos by Kevin Winter, Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Following the tragedy at the Astroworld fest where several people lost their lives, Drake expressed his sadness over the terrible incident on Instagram just days after it occurred.

"I've spent the past few days trying to wrap my mind around the awful incident," the 35-year-old rapper wrote in a post on Instagram, addressing the Astroworld incident, which took place during a performance by Travis Scott. Drake had surprised the audience at the event as he shared the stage with Scott. Drake, who looked dapper in a military outfit, easily stole the show as the crowd went berserk after seeing him landing on stage.


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Drake wrote, "I hate resorting to this platform to express an emotion as delicate as grief but this is where I find myself. My heart is broken for the family and friends of those who lost their lives and for anyone who is suffering. I will continue to pray for all of them, and will be of service in any way I can." The rapper concluded his post with a humble prayer to God to be with the victims of the tragedy. 

Drake broke his silence days after social media slammed the rapper for not uttering a word of remorse until now. In fact, a lawsuit has been booked by Kristen Parades against Drake. Kristian Paredes, 23, according to the Daily Mail, was "severely hurt" in the stampede. "Defendants failed to properly prepare and conduct the performance in a safe way," stated plaintiff's attorney Steve Kherkher.

A Twitter user commented, "The fact Drake went to a strip club after #Astrofest and uploaded pics … and only apologized when he got exposed … not to mention they brought him out after HPD informed Live Nation there were casualties… no one said anything backstage ? Aht aht not buying what’s being sold!" Another said, "If Tyler was able to stop performances because people were booing Drake, Astrofest performances could have been stopped when people were screaming for help… i said what i said."



Another Twitter user said, "Rappers Travis Scott & Drake are being sued for having “incited mayhem” after 8 people were killed & dozens more injured at Astroworld Festival at Houston’s NRG Park. #astroworldfestival #legalaction #safety #ASTROFEST". Still another wrote: "Drake and Don Toliver at the strip club Saturday night not even a day after 8 people died at Astrofest. Poor victims not even identified… I’m sick". A fifth user chimed in: "the fact that drake kept his astrofest photos on instagram and disabled the comments and didn’t say anything about the people that died. these celebrities literally don’t give two shits it’s so sad".




The Astroworld fest kicked off in Houston on Friday, November 5, with a 50,000-strong crowd attending the two-day festival. A stampede during the festival led to several injuries and as many as 8 deaths.

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