'Asphalt Burning/Børning 3': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's Norwegian racing comedy

When his wife leaves him at the altar, a drunken bet sees Roy race to win her hand back in marriage against some stiff competition

                            'Asphalt Burning/Børning 3': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's Norwegian racing comedy

Step aside, Vin Diesel and crew, as the Furious makes way for the Funniest. The Norwegian action comedy 'Børning' series releases its third film - 'Asphalt Burning' - on Netflix this January, taking racers to the famed Nürburgring track in Germany. Stay tuned to this page for the release date, plot, trailers, casting announcements and everything you need to know about the high-speed Netflix film.

Release date

'Asphalt Burning' releases on Netflix on January 2, 2021.


'Asphalt Burning' or 'Børning 3' is the third film in the 'Børning' franchise, which began as a parody of 'The Fast & The Furious' films. In this third film, after Roy (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) is left at the altar by an uncertain bride, he and his team make their way to Germany to race at the world-renowned Nürburgring race track. The competition is fierce, and the prize? The bride herself.

Roy is going to be going up against some dangerous characters in a race to win back his own bride — and if he's going to race on the Nürburgring track, his car is going to need the ultimate upgrade.


Anders Baasmo Christiansen

Anders Baasmo Christiansen (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Anders Baasmo Christiansen plays the lead, Roy, who has been the star of the past two 'Børning' films, who has to win his bride back in a race after she leaves him at the altar. He is a Norwegian actor best known for his roles on 'Kon-Tiki', 'The King's Choice' and 'Welcome to Norway.'

Kathrine Thorborg Johansen

Kathrine Thorborg Johansen (IMDb)


Kathrine Thorborg Johansen plays Sylvia, Roy's fiance, who gets cold feet at the wedding and becomes the prize of the film's big race. Johansen is known for her work on 'The Quake', 'Home Ground' and 'Okkupert'.

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara (Getty Images)

Alexandra Maria Lara plays Robyn, Roy's biggest rival and the one responsible for changing Sylvia's mind about the wedding. A drunken bet means that Roy is going to have to race against Robyn to win his bride's hand back. Alexandra Maria Lara is best known for her work on 'Downfall', 'Rush' and 'The Reader'.

The film also stars Ruby O Fee, Milan Peschel, Peter Kurth and Henning Baum.


On December 16, Netflix released a trailer for the film with the tag line, "Just because you win the race it doesn't mean you win the game!"


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