Asia Argento remembers Anthony Bourdain as she shares picture taken a week before his death

Asia Argento is still trying to process the grief of losing a loved one and the actress took to social media to share a sweet picture of her and Anthony

                            Asia Argento remembers Anthony Bourdain as she shares picture taken a week before his death
Asia Argento (Source:Getty Images)

Anthony Bourdain was found unresponsive on June 8 in the bathroom of a luxury hotel in the small town of Kaysersberg while he was filming episodes of 'Parts Unknown'. While it has been weeks since the celebrity chef passed away, there is not a day gone that his girlfriend Asia Argento does not think about him.

The actress took to Instagram to share an adorable picture of the couple that was taken days before his death. The photo shows Asia sitting in a red convertible while Anthony sits next to her and holding a green umbrella over both of them. Asia captioned the post with an Italian poem from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, as reported by Fox News

The translation reads, "There is no greater sorrow than to be mindful of the happy time in misery, and that thy Teacher knows. But, if to recognize the earliest root of love in us thou hast so great desire, I will do even as he who weeps and speaks." The photo is also dated May 27, 2018, just 12 days before the news about the death of Anthony was announced. Fans were quick to pour in their words of support for Asia. 

"Just a big AB fan here .. sending my love.. even I am crushed by this. Just want to extend my condolences. The pain is too familiar. I lost a very close friend the same way in 1998. Stay strong ... I myself know it is not easy xoxox," wrote one, while another added, "Beautiful. Damn, I miss his soul on earth despite not knowing Anthony. Thank you for sharing despite the pain you must be feeling. Sending love." 

Recently, the last interview that was done by Anthony was released by Popula. The interview spoke about a conversation he had with his girlfriend, Asia Argento and how some of her words had hurt him. "The worst thing Asia ever said to me, she’d had a bad day, she was doing a play in uh, Turin? Somewhere in Italy. And she was rehearsing and she’d had a really bad day with the director. Dude, of course. And she comes home and she’s f—king furious," he said. 

Anthony recalled that their fight did not turn out to any better as they constantly kept arguing over text. And we’re texting back and forth, cause we only argue by text. She’s like, f—king angry. ‘F—k you too! You always wanna win! You always win!’”These words of Asia really hurt Anthony. "I was really offended by this. I was so hurt by this. I do not need to win. I am not a competitive person. I need to survive," he said. Anthony recalled how he and Asia had similar thoughts when he came to their career. 

"I’d entertained the notion that I’m working toward a goal, or a day, where I could sit on a Tuscan hilltop in a hammock with a big stack of books, but I understand now that I couldn’t … that I can’t do that,” he said. “I can do that for short periods of time. But I can’t. I can’t," he said.  “It’s helped me a lot that Asia is the same way. That there’s no shame in this, you know … She’ll point out the ridiculousness of kicking back on the beach because she’ll say right up front … ‘This doesn’t appeal to me at all! This is a living death.’"