Is Ashli Babbitt dead or alive? Conspiracy theories call death a false flag after no news of funeral or obituary

Mysteriously, there has been no report about the hospital Ashli Babbitt was taken into or about where is her dead body now

                            Is Ashli Babbitt dead or alive? Conspiracy theories call death a false flag after no news of funeral or obituary
Ashli Babbitt (Facebook)

Dubbed a “strong supporter” of Donald Trump, Ashli Babbitt — who hailed from San Diego area in southern California — was pronounced dead during the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021. According to reports, she was fatally shot in the neck as she was trying to enter the Speaker's Lobby by smashing through a door.

After her death, thousands of articles floated around, some highlighting her past, a few churning out tales from social media pages and others filled with mournful interviews of her near and dear ones. Mysteriously, there have been no reports about which hospital she was taken to or where her body is now.

Thousands of social media users are now asking: When is Ashli Babbitt's funeral? And is she really dead?  

Ashli Babbitt (Stephanie Berman/ABC/Twitter)

A 14-year veteran of the US Air Force, a mother, and QAnon adherent, Babbitt was thrust into the spotlight. It seems odd then that there is no word out about her funeral or where she will be laid to rest. The only thing we read are comments on whether she deserves a martyr's funeral or not. Amid all these controversies, a new conspiracy theory seems to have emerged where people are wondering if her death was in fact “staged”.

A Reddit thread titled “When and where was Ashli Babbitt pronounced dead? What hospital was she taken to? When is her funeral?” has a bunch of such theories about where she is now. The Reddit user who started the thread asked, “I am having trouble finding these details on any of the news reports about this incident. All I can find is that she was taken to a 'local hospital' and the Capitol police chief in a statement said she died. Am I missing something?”

Ashli Babbitt (Facebook)

Soon a string of other people chimed in. Unleashing a major conspiracy theory that has no proof, one Reddit user posted, “I’ve heard she died and I’ve heard that she survived and is fine. I’m assuming she is alive and there are people trying to protect her, but I don’t know that for a fact.”

Refuting the baseless claims, another said, “I don't know if any of you have seen a death due to severe trauma or massive blood loss, but as a person is dying, they experience something called 'Death Throes', or the 'Agonal Stage', and she was most definitely in the final seconds of life in that video. I don't believe that the Agonal Stage would be easily faked, because I have experienced it first hand, several times, unfortunately, and you don't forget the motions and sounds...”


A third added, “But how did a .45 cal simply barely knock her over? It should have taken her head off at that close range. There was, from what I same, a very small amount of blood for someone who got shot in the neck, which was also conveniently hidden under a flag around her neck. She fell conveniently with her head on her backpack too. Also, how did she get shot when the gun that supposedly shot her was pointed AWAY from her? Why did the crowd act like they expected it? Why was there no reaction to a gunshot? Look, I don't know either way but I am asking these questions genuinely. They don't make sense to me.”

A fourth jumped in with more questions. “More questions arise too... when asking and searching for the answers to your questions: Why was a fully armed swat team with her and the group she was with? Why didn't they return fire when fired upon? I don't think that she fell, she was caught and eased to the floor by those around her, who also placed her bag under her head? I really don't know... It all seems so fishy to me, and the fallout that has come after has made me VERY suspicious of all involved, from the Trumpers to the Media. None of it seems right.”

Ashli Babbit (Twitter/@CommonAshSense)

One user argued, “Reading through these comments.... wow! Even with multiple videos from cell phones of this woman being shot and bleeding out in front of everyone isn’t enough to keep conspiracies at bay. We really are f--ked!” another defended those comments saying, “So why is there not a single news story that mentions the hospital she was taken to? Not even local DC newspapers that I can find. And what about an autopsy? I think these are valid questions. Why do we always accept at face value the narrative that is spoon-fed to us? There is too much at stake here to ignore unanswered questions.”

Calling it staged, one said, “I'm pretty sure that whole thing was staged. Special effects are pretty good these days. On a similar note, where are the mugshots of this 70-year-old man found with guns and Molotov cocktails in his truck? We have mugshots of all these other clowns that have been arrested but not this guy? Why's that?”


Could it be true that Babbitt was planted to be turned into a martyr figure? Was her death a false flag?

Giving air to that debate, an article written by Marc-André Argentino and Adnan Raja reads, “Ashli Babbitt has been made into a new martyr figure, not for QAnon, but for White America.” It continues, “The protagonist is celebrated as a hero and martyr when his final act is the deciding factor in overthrowing the government. ... This is exactly what was done. Overnight, logos, videos, icons, and memes were created to immortalize Ashli Babbitt. In some instances, she is being called a modern “Joan of Arc”, where she was portrayed in a painting echoing classical depictions of Joan of Arc.”

Right before her death, Babbitt had posted on Twitter, “Nothing will stop us… they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours... dark to light!” Was that a coded message? Why is there no news about the whereabouts of her body now? The mystery continues.

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