Ashley Graham talks about racism and Covid-19, fans ask why don't you address human trafficking in Hollywood?

Ashley Graham talks about racism and Covid-19, fans ask why don't you address human trafficking in Hollywood?
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In the light of the ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd and the coronavirus pandemic that continues to grip the entire world, more and more celebrities have come forward to express their opinion about relevant issues. Supermodel Ashley Graham, who often uses her Instagram to keep her 11 million followers updated about her personal life, decided to get vocal about racism and coronavirus, which hasn’t been well-received by Internet users. 

She shared a post on Instagram which reads, “Racism didn’t go anywhere after performative allyship and coronavirus haven’t disappeared now that it’s summer.” she captioned her post with two exclamation marks. While a few seconded Graham on her post, including actress Sofia Carson and beauty expert David Lopez, fans have called out Graham for not using her platform to address the issue of human trafficking in Hollywood. 

One commented, “Yeah and why don’t you address the human trafficking?! That’s the real issue! Use your platform. The s**t going on in Hollywood is disgusting. And their silence is deafening”, a few more added, “And human trafficking hasn’t ended FYI!!!” and “There are babies and children being sold into slavery by the boatloads but nobody wants to talk about that”

Meanwhile, one of them pointed out that Graham is not dragging Hollywood into this only because she belongs from the same industry. Calling her out for her biased opinion, one commented under her post, “It’d be nice if you used your platform to also speak on and make awareness for human trafficking and saving our children from that dark world... but you’re from Hollywood, so you won’t!”

Some of her followers seemed upset with Graham for talking about sensitive issues such as racism over a virtual platform while not actively participating. “I see all this crying and blaming by people who haven't done shit for anybody” read one comment. 

Another agitated Internet user wrote, “Not all of us have one week of performative allyship” some of us have a lifetime of work, some of us have been working hard as hell. It’s not like it’s been addressed on all these social accounts for as long as we’ve been working on it. Assumptions are foolish.”

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