Why Ashlee Simpson-Ross has decided to return to Reality TV after a decade

Ashlee has chosen to make a comeback to reality TV after almost a decade of keeping a low profile. Her first attempt with reality tv ended with her show getting only two seasons

                            Why Ashlee Simpson-Ross has decided to return to Reality TV after a decade
Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross (Source:Getty Images)

Ashlee Simpson- Ross had been laying low and keeping a low profile for the last 10 years and is now ready to make a comeback to reality TV. The singer will be starring in an all-new E! documentary series with her husband Evan Ross and will be titled, 'Ashlee and Evan'. 

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross (Source: Getty Images)

The new series will document the couple who got married in the year 2014 as they record their first duet album and get through married life with their children. As reported by PEOPLE, "It’s been 10 years for me where I’ve just been ‘mommy.’ It’s been an amazing 10 years but now we’re getting back into music. You get to see me diving back into that and the balance as a mom, getting back into my career and what I love to do." 

29-year-old Evan, the son of soul icon Diana Ross, went on to add, "I think people are going to get a real look into our world." 

The couple shared that they were especially cautious about showing their 2-year-old daughter, Jagger, and Ashley's son, 9-year-old Bronx whom she had with her ex-husband Pete Wentz on the series. The couple shared they said it was "inevitable" that they would be a part of it. 

"They’re around us all the time. Baby Jagger is just growing up so there’s no way you’re not going to see them," said Evan Ross. 

Despite both Ashlee and Evan growing up in very famous families, Evan admitted that allowing the cameras in to film and document "is nerve-wracking no matter what. It’s one of those things where it was our decision and it’s something we actually created on our own in the beginning," he said. 

"When it comes to life like it is now, there’s always fears, but I think it’s more excitement," he continued. 

Ashlee had initially appeared and starred in her sister, Jessica Simpson's and her ex-husband, Nick Lachey's series titled 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica' between 2003 and 2005. Ashlee eventually went on to have her own reality show and shared the same sentiment about cameras as her husband Evan Ross. 

"I definitely have enjoyed the longest break ever from the cameras. I do want people to have a closer look into our lives and be able to understand where I’ve been, where we’re at and where we’re going," she said. 

They've been married for almost four years and have a daughter, Jagger Ross.(Source: Getty Images)

After the couple had their baby girl, they had to figure out a way to take turns with the baby and make time to write in the studio. "He would write something on a song, then I’d write something and we’d find our favorite bits. And that’s really worked for us — we’ve had a really great way of working together, where we really have found our sound from both of us doing our thing, [then finding] a blend," Ashlee said. 

When the couple has finished their duet album, they plan to make solo albums as well and would love to go on tour together. "The whole idea that we get to work together, be around our kid together, not have to separate to work, it’s amazing," Evan shared. 

"This album is about our love. When we started dating that was something that drew us together — writing together and singing together," Ashlee added speaking about their duet album. 

Similar to how The Ashlee Simpson Show documented the singer's debut album, this new docu-series will focus on the musical couple's forthcoming duet album. “We decided to make this album out of love and kind of going back to duets when that was such a thing,” Simpson explained to Entertainment Tonight. 

Ashlee is remembered for her stint with reality television with The Ashlee Simpson Show on MTV which followed Simpson at 19, as she recorded her first album, Autobiography. Her show also featured many famous faces, including two of her ex-boyfriends, singer Ryan Cabrera and actor Josh Henderson and here even Jessica Simpson, and her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, made an appearance. Fans of the Ashlee Simpson Show are waiting excitedly as they get to reconnect with the singer's life.