Ashlee Simpson is coming back to reality TV, the Kardashians better watch out!

Ashlee Simpson is coming back to reality TV on E! with husband Evan Ross and her ambition is not just to claim TV but launch an empire and her music career all at the same time

                            Ashlee Simpson is coming back to reality TV, the Kardashians better watch out!
Ashlee Simpson (Source : Getty Images)

2018 is turning out to be the year of resurrections. From Mandy Moore returning to music, to Chad Michael Murray starring in an upcoming Hallmark movie everyone seems to be making a comeback.

Another celebrity to have joined the bandwagon is Ashlee Simpson, who is going back to reality TV.

It has been 14 years since we saw Simpson signing a record deal for her hit single 'Pieces of Me' and her album 'Autobiography' on her own MTV reality show, 'The Ashlee Simpson Show.'

Now, she's back to where she started, but this time, it is a show with her beau, husband Evan Ross. Titled 'Ashlee+Evan,' the trailer debuted on July 10; and even though we don't see the dark hair bangs, and the many things that have changed since then, we still see her in the music studio, so we know, her music is still alive. 

In the short clip, we also get a glimpse of her relationship with the 29-year-old actor, who promptly asks her, "Do you even know the movies I’ve done?" Simpson responds with laughter, which of course indicates, she doesn't. Sweet or cringe-worthy, it is your call; but Ashlee Simpson is back in the public eye and ready to take the reality show world by storm. We even hear the 33-year-old warn her husband about the consequences of taking this decision forward: “You’ve never done this before. If you make a mistake, you can never f—king take that back.”

Remember Ashlee's "hoedown" moment on “Saturday Night Live” 2014, when it was revealed that she was lip-syncing her live performances?  After performing her hit 'Pieces of Me,' she came back for track number two and 'Pieces of Me' played out from the back. Ashlee had an awkward moment dancing on stage and then running off the stage. This embarrassing moment made headlines run wild. 

However, Ashlee's own reality show wasn't a mistake as the then president of her label, Jordan Schur, said, "There's no question that it really helped expose her and her music. She's got a tremendous personality; people gravitate toward that. They want to watch her and listen to her music." But added to that, a series of her tumultuous relationships drama were also documented in the "it" '00s show, mainly with exes singer Ryan Cabrera and actor Josh Henderson.

'The Ashlee Simpson Show' cancelled in 2004 after two seasons and fan petitions didn't quite work to get it back. From 2003 to 2006, she also starred with her sister Jessica Simpson in reality series 'Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica.'

It looks like Ashlee's new show will be the best of both worlds focusing on music and her relationship.

However, in a recent interview with US Magazine, Evan Ross said, "It’s a lot more like a documentary than a reality [show], the way we shot it at least." He went on to add that the show wasn't something that was "given" to them, because the couple "pitched" the idea and are serving as the executive producers of the show.

The show premiering on September 9 will feature their 2-year-old daughter, Jagger Snow, and Ashlee's son, 9-year-old Bronx Mowgli, in a very "strategic" way followed by likely appearances of their other famous family members: Simpson's sister, singer and designer Jessica Simpson, and Ross' mom Diana Ross and sister Tracee Ellis Ross.

Ever since Ashley had her first child with Pete Wentz, she gave up her celebrity status to be a full-time mom. Now jumping back in the pool of reality shows, Ashlee hopes to take back her crown. From whom? The Kardashians of course! Just when the Simpsons were becoming the household names, Ashlee took a break, making way for the Kardashians to start their multi-million dollar empire in 2008. Ashlee's new show will air right after 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' on E!

Kardashians are one of the biggest celebrities of the era and while it may be a challenge to top them, the Simpson-Ross believe that there's hope that they "will be entertaining enough to differentiate her from the pack," according to The New York Times. First of all, Simpson married the youngest son of Diana Ross and the late Norwegian businessman Arne Naess, Jr. in 2014, and their unlikely marriage may make for an interesting plot.

We already know that Ashlee is a pop singer and Evan Ross is the son of a pop legend. It is reported that the pair has written soulful music together and Diana Ross has been encouraging them. Besides, reality TV isn't the only thing going on for Simpson. After laying low for ages, she is shooting for the stars with all her might. They are aiming for an empire of their own and are also releasing a clothing line together, named after their daughter Jagger Snow, featuring gender-neutral attires inspired by the couple's tendency to swap clothes. 

According to their interview in the Times, the idea to pursue reality TV was born out of a "desire to broadcast their happiness." But this also means that she will be restarting her music career. Ashlee's first reality TV saw her as a 19-year-old teenager struggling to emerge out of her sister's shadow, who was popular for her dumb blonde antics. Both the sisiters' shows were created by their father and their mother also made frequent appearances. 

This time, it's just going to be Ashlee and Evan, having conversations about love and ending each episode of their show with a musical number. And Ashlee told the press that she is ready to take on this new phase of her life because the timing is right. They said that the worse thing that can happen to them is that people may not like the show. 

But, here's an assurance, Ashlee has done this before, she has nailed it, and maybe she will again. Provided, she doesn't quit. Should the Kardashian clan fear? The original is back.