Rapper A$AP Rocky widely mocked after alleged sex tape leak: 'His stroke game is weak'

Rapper A$AP Rocky widely mocked after alleged sex tape leak: 'His stroke game is weak'
Social media users are discussing a sex tape which allegedly shows A$AP Rocky and an unknown woman (Source: Christopher Jue/Getty Images for MARQUEE Singapore)

On a historic day for the U.S. when Donald Trump just became the country's third president to be impeached, one would reasonably expect the proceedings to be dominating online discussions, but it appears social media users already have something new to talk about: A$AP Rocky's alleged sex tape.

The 'A$AP Forever' hitmaker's name is leading in the U.S. trends section on Twitter after more than 27,000 tweets were made about a video that people say shows the Harlem rapper having sexual intercourse with an unknown woman.

While there is no concrete proof it is the 31-year-old in the video, which has been uploaded on PornHub, many are claiming they are sure it is him because of several distinctive tattoos that are visible.

One of those tattoos was on the chest and seemed to read 'A$AP,' while another was also visible on his hand. 

While A$AP Rocky himself has not yet commented on the video, social media users had no such qualms about talking about the various aspects of it, including how he performed.


"Every girls sexual fantasy of asap rocky shattered in one night you hate to see it," one wrote, while a second similarly commented with a GIF of a dancing man where the caption read, "Me knowing my girls fantasy of asap rocky is ruined now & my stroke game is better."

Another commented, "Just saw Asap Rocky's sex tape and it was super duper wack. Don't even waste your time looking for it. His stroke is weak."

"Apparently asap rocky's sex tape got leaked and apparently his stroke game is weak so apparently im gonna forget that video exists," a user posted.

As if Trump's impeachment and A$AP Rocky's sex tape weren't enough for the day, former 'Fifth Harmony' singer Camilla Cabello also found herself mired in controversy after posts and memes she shared with racist language between 2012 and 2013 were unearthed.

The 22-year-old had used the N-word in an old, now-deleted Tumblr account and apologized for her actions, stating she was "deeply ashamed" and would regret it "forever."


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