'Artificial: Remote Intelligence': Meet Kira, the Twitch show's first audience-created character

'Artificial: Remote Intelligence': Meet Kira, the Twitch show's first audience-created character
Bernie Su and Justin Lee (Twitch)

Twitch's 'Artificial' is one of the most cutting-edge shows on the internet and in Season 3, 'Artificial: Remote Intelligence', things are being kicked up to eleven with a whole new set of innovations that are set to make the show more interactive than ever before. For the first time ever, the audience can now create their own character using the show's worldbuilding episodes, the first of which streamed on May 28.

In a fun two-hour session with showrunner Bernie Su and series star Justin Lee, the audience got to design a character and determine everything short of appearance. And that's how we got Kira, a private investigator and Justin's ex-girlfriend. As determined by the will of the audience, she's brutally honest, curious, and a problem-solver but she's also secretly a kleptomaniac and she dumped Justin because his parents didn't approve of her. Also, she exclusively drinks strawberry milk and her catchphrase is "Milk doesn't lie." Sounds fun, right?

Now that the character has been created, the crew can begin the work of casting Kira so that she can show up at some point later on in the season. Ahead of the episode, Bernie Su spoke to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about the casting and revealed how the process would work.

Kira's character profile, as determined by the audience (Twitch)

"So what has to happen logistically is, when the audience picks the character, designing the character, this week, we have to go and cast that character," he explained. "That's not immediate, right? I can't have 500 actors ready to go. It's going to be this man, this height, this race, etc. So the casting part of the decision potential of the show is going to happen later in the season."

Unfortunately, that means we won't get to see Kira immediately, but the good news is that she will certainly have a presence on the show. During the Episode 2 stream, Su confirmed that she would at least be referenced once the narrative part of the show kicks off and we're really excited to learn more about her. As a private investigator, does she steal from her client? Did she steal something from Justin's parents? How exactly did she wind up with "Milk doesn't lie" as her catchphrase? Hopefully, all these questions and more will be answered in future episodes of 'Artificial'.

'Artificial: Remote Intelligence' streams live on Twitch every Thursday at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET.

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