'Artificial: Remote Intelligence': New cast member Alejandra Reynoso to play Kira created entirely by fans

The actor is known for her roles on 'Castlevania' and 'The Winx Club,' and will be making her first appearance on the next episode of the series

                            'Artificial: Remote Intelligence': New cast member Alejandra Reynoso to play Kira created entirely by fans
Alejandra Reynoso (Craig Barritt/Getty Images)

'Artificial: Remote Intelligence' welcomed Alejandra Reynoso to its cast, who will be embodying Kira, the new character who was entirely created by fans, live in chat, and will make her first appearance on this Thursday's episode. When fans joined showrunner Bernie Su to create a brand new character for the show, they were given a lot of freedom as to the kind of person they could create — and to that end, 'Artificial: Remote Intelligence' had not even cast the actor they would be using yet. Now that they have, she will be joining the show, strawberry milk in hand.

Kira's main personality traits and biographical information, as voted for by the Twitch audience

Alejandra Reynoso is known for her role as Sypha Belnades on Netflix's 'Castlevania.' She has also been the longtime voice of Flora on 'The Winx Club.' She will be playing Kira, the ex-girlfriend of Justin (Justin Lee) and a private investigator who is, for reasons as yet unrevealed, looking into the people responsible for Lilith's (Tiffany Chu) awakening. She was first officially mentioned on the show at the end of the last story episode, contacting her ex through Elle (Christy St John). Kira has told Justin that they need to talk — and things are about to get a lot more complicated for everyone.

Promotional image for 'Artificial: Remote Intelligence' (Twitch)

The 'Artificial' Twitter has also released an image of Reynoso as Kira, drinking her signature strawberry milk. Amusingly, her catchphrase can also be partially seen in the background — "The milk doesn't lie." Lilith has already been adjusting to a lot of new people — first Justin and Elle themselves, then all of Twitch. The last episode, she was introduced to Dr Matt Lin (Tohoru Masamune) and Elle's boyfriend, Asher (Devon Werkheiser). Kira is yet another person being introduced to Lilith's complicated development. It won't be long before yet another player joins the fray, as last week's episode saw the chat design yet another character — Dante Basco's Zander. How will all these new characters affect Lilith's growth? As the promo says, that's entirely up to you.

You can catch Kira on the next episode of 'Artificial: Remote Intelligence' - 'Love and Lies.' The episode will air earlier than usual, at the show's new time slot of 5 pm PT, on July 2, on Twitch.tv/ArtificialNext.

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