Who are Art Cervi's wife and children? Beautiful 50-year love story cut short by Detroit’s Bozo the Clown’s death

Art Cervi, who played Bozo the Clown on TV in Windsor and Detroit, has died at 86 at his home in Novi, Michigan

                            Who are Art Cervi's wife and children? Beautiful 50-year love story cut short by Detroit’s Bozo the Clown’s death
Promotional portrait of Bozo the Clown circa 1965 (Getty Images)

Art Cervi, who played Bozo the Clown in Detroit and Windsor, died in Novi, Michigan, at 86. Cervi played Bozo from 1967 until 1977 on Channel 9 (CKLW-TV) and on Channel 2 (WJBJ-TV) from 1977 to 1979. The star of ‘Bozo’s Big Top’ is survived by his wife, Suzanne, three sons Mike, Nick and Jon, and daughter, Patricia.

CBC Radio’s ‘Windsor Morning’ announcer Marty Adler stated that even though many cities had their respective Bozos, Cervi was the best of them. In a recent statement, Adler said, “He really understood the kids. You know what -- the kids were kings.”


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Who was Art Cervi?

Cervi was born in Harris, New York. At a very early age, his family decided to move to Detroit for better job opportunities. However, Cervi moved back to New York after graduating elementary school to live with his grandparents. Cervi received a degree in radio and television broadcasting.

Cervi started his career in radio at WEXL/WOMC in Detroit. Following this, he moved to WKMH in Dearborn, where he worked as the weekend disc jockey and was even in charge of the music and some of the productions. After working for some time at WKMH, he moved to Keener13 (WKNR), where he was appointed as Music Director. At Keener13, Cervi worked closely with notables such as Tom Ryan, Bill Bonds, Robin Seymour, and Dick Purtin.

In the mid-sixties, Cervi transitioned himself to the television industry and started working with CKLW-TV (Channel 9), where he worked with Robin Seymour and Tom Shannon in producing one of the TV station’s most popular shows, ‘Swingin’ Time’. The show featured performances by national and local recording artists, where teenagers demonstrated their skilled dance moves. It was around the same time when Cervi got involved with ‘A Clown Called Woope’, ‘This Is the Week that Was’, and a camping show called ‘Woods & Wheels’.


Cervi started playing Bozo at various locations in the mid-sixties. He played Bozo on CKLW until 1975. He later played Bozo on Detroit’s WJBK-TV. After becoming Bozo for Detroit kids, he became the host of a radio program ‘Let’s Talk Cars’. Back then, it was the only radio program produced in the Motor City designed around the auto industry. Cervi also became a member of the Ford & Mercury Restorer’s Club of America (FMRCOA) in 1985 and was President of the Club from 1990-92 and 1994-95. In 2008, Cervi replaced Bob Guetschow to become FMRCOA’s president one more time.

While talking about his club, he said that his father was a mechanic, and he learned to drive when he was only seven. “In high school, I even substituted for the driver education instructor when he couldn’t make it”, said Cervi.

Art Cervi’s wife

Cervi married Suzanne, 74, in 1973. As per reports, Suzanne Katherine Cervi was born in 1946 and currently resides in Haggerty Road, Novi. Over the years, Suzanne helped Cervi from all fronts. After Cervi was appointed the president of FMRCOA in 2008, Suzanne hosted a dinner dance party. In addition to this, editor Steve Rohde from ‘The Rotunda Times’ once thanked Suzanne for providing the material for Bozo.

Art and Suzanne would have soon celebrated their 50th marriage anniversary, but it was cut short by Cervi's death. The reason for Cervi’s passing is not revealed to the public, but it is expected that Suzanne and their four children will have a private ceremony at their home.


Following the news of Cervi’s demise, several people took to Twitter to share their condolences. Many remembered meeting Cervi or appearing on his show. One user wrote, “Just keep laughin'... Thank you Art Cervi for all the smiles and fun you provided to so many of us throughout Windsor & Detroit.” While another one tweeted: “WHOA NELLY !!! Sorry to hear the news that Art Cervi who was BOZO THE CLOWN for several generations passed away today.” Another tweeted: "A real clown died today. The one and only true Bozo: Art Cervi. Who remembers Mr. Whoodini? i participated in one of his tricks on stage at some event or other! #ArtCervi #Bozo #Detroit #LarryThompson."




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