'Arrow' Season 8: All the alternate versions of the Emerald Archer we'd like to see on 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'

'Arrow' Season 8: All the alternate versions of the Emerald Archer we'd like to see on 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'

CW's 'Arrow has taken its fans through some crazy twists and turns. The show has adapted a lot of content from the comics in very innovative ways, totally reinventing Green Arrow into a cool, universe-saving hero who could go toe-to-toe with Batman.

In the show’s final season, 'Arrow' is all set to further explore the multiverse and introduce alternate versions of our favorite heroes and villains. The show will reportedly follow a more episodic format that should allow 'Arrow' to really explore the worlds that are about to come under threat during 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.

The comics have given us multiple alternate reality versions of the Emerald Archer, at least some of whom fans can expect to see appearing on the show. Here are five extremely cool versions of Oliver Queen that we would love to see in season eight:

'Flashpoint' Arrow

The Flashpoint version of Green Arrow (Source: dc.fandom.com)

Barry Allen drastically changes the timeline when he tries to prevent his mother's death. In the new timeline, Oliver is the head of Green Arrow Industries, a company that repurposes technology captured from supervillains for military purposes. This version of Ollie also leads a team of Green Arrows and goes up against his daughter, born of an affair with Vixen, a character who was played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers on the 'Arrow' spin-off show 'Legends of Tomorrow'.


'Dark Knight Returns' Arrow

A scene from 'The Dark Knight Returns' showing the older Oliver Queen. (Source: dc.fandom.com)

In Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel 'The Dark Knight Returns' and its sequel 'The Dark Knight Strikes Again', Oliver is a one-armed anarchist who holds a grudge against Superman. This version of the Green Arrow is still a pretty formidable opponent who helps Batman take down the Man of Steel, firing arrows using his teeth. A similar version of the character has already appeared on 'Legends of Tomorrow' so there is a pretty good chance fans might get to see this older, embittered Arrow on one of the Earths in season eight.

'Smallville' Arrow

Justin Hartley in Smallville (2001). (IMDb)

Before Stephen Amell donned the Green Arrow’s iconic hood, there was another version of the hero, played by Justin Hartley, that appeared on the hit series 'Smallville'. This version of the Green Arrow was the leader of the Justice League and billionaire owner of Queen Industries. Hartley has already expressed interest in appearing on the show and 'Smallville' fans would be overjoyed to see TV's original Emerald Archer fighting alongside his present-day successor.

'Kingdom Come' Arrow

'Kingdom Come's Green Arrow. (Source: dc.fandom.com)

In the dystopian future of 'Kingdom Come', the older versions of our favorite superheroes go up against a growing population of dangerously irresponsible new vigilantes. Between these two groups are Batman and his "Outsiders", who go up against the older heroes led by Superman and their younger rivals in an attempt to prevent a world-ending superhuman war.


An older, balding version of Green Arrow serves as Batman's ally in this world and has a child, Olivia Queen, with his wife Black Canary.  Brandon Routh will reportedly be playing this universe's version of Superman during 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' so there's a very good chance that 'Arrow' will feature the 'Kingdom Come' universe and its version of Oliver Queen.

'League of Justice' Arrow

Longbow Greenarrow from 'League of Justice'. (Source: dc.fandom.com)

By far the strangest Green Arrow on this list is Longbow Greenarrow, a version of the Emerald Archer who appears in the 'Lord of the Rings'-inspired story 'League of Justice'. This version of Oliver is a wizard who uses his magical ability combined with his archery skills to become a defender of the poor and oppressed, working like a fusion of Gandalf and Robin Hood. As weird as that might sound, bringing the character on the show would at least allow for some interesting visuals, not to mention that Oliver and the Monitor could probably use some magical back-up once 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' begins.


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