Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with his lost 1969 Mr. Universe Trophy

Arnold Schwarzenegger was awarded the trophy after he won the 1969 National Amateur Body-Builders' Association (NABBA) Mr. Universe contest in London

                            Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with his lost 1969 Mr. Universe Trophy

Actor and former Mr. Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger was finally reunited with his 1969 Mr. Universe Trophy which had been missing for years. Arnold was awarded the trophy after he won the 1969 National Amateur Body-Builders' Association (NABBA) Universe contest in London. However, after he returned home, his mother, Aurelia, handed over the trophy to a fan without any apparent reason and without telling her son.

Apparently, his mother had given away the trophy to two stone-cutters at the house which is now known as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum. Years later in 2016, Bench Press champion, Lorand Berke's sister, came across the trophy which she bought from the workers. The trophy was then handed over to Lorand after he won the Hungarian Bench Press Championship on December 15, 2017.


THE TROPHY PART 2. Next morning he said that the 1969 Mr. Universe trophy was indeed missing from his collection. ’What does the guy want in return?’, he asked. Then I smiled and told him that Lorand is a true bench-press champion and you are his idol. He would like to meet you and personally give back this trophy to you. This is what he wants. I saw on his face that he was very much impressed by this gesture. This is when a very long discussion started with him and his friend about the appointment. We finally agreed that when he comes to Austria to the Arnold Museum next spring, we would give back the trophy to him then. Unfortunately his heart surgery came into the picture. We didn’t see any chance to have this meeting within a short period of time. I told Lori that we should bring the cup to California ☀ and give it back to him there (about which Lori was very happy). When Will Smith left Budapest Arnold and his team arrived. This brought a new opportunity to make this get-together happen. One day when he was doing his workout in Flex he said to me ’Arrange that meeting for tomorrow, please.’ I knew that Lori was on holiday but I immediately called him. The rest of the story you already know. We are waiting for the video that Arnold’s team made. Follow him on Instagram to see it: @schwarzenegger. I am very glad that I could make my mentor, role model and a generous sportsman and father so happy. I am also very happy and grateful for being part of this story. I don’t believe in coincidences. I was right next to Arnold when I received that message. It was meant to happen like this. I have to arrange now something new because I already miss the excitement. Giving feels very good. This feels the best. 🙏 All I said to Lori before the handover was ’Enjoy every moment, my friend, because this will never happen again, this is history.’ #schwarzenegger #marvel_se #lorandberke #flexgymbudapest PS: thanks to my grandfather for the first Arnold book. 🙏😢. Thank you Lorand Berke. 💪 #schwarzenegger #marvelteam_se #flexgymbudapest

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Lorand was as excited as he could be, and he immediately sent out a few snaps of the trophy to his friend Adam from the popular Flex Gym in Budapest. Coincidentally, Adam met Arnold at the Gold's Gym Venice where he was working out and asked for a picture with the star. It was during this time that Adam showed the photos of the trophy to Arnold who immediately recognized that it was his long-lost prize.

As Arnold would soon be on location in Budapest for the new 'Terminator' movie, Lorand's meeting with the actor was arranged at the Flex Gym Budapest, where Arnold would train. 

In a post on Instagram, Adam of Flex Gym recalled the event saying: "I am happy that I could make this historical event happen, where Arnold received back his 1969 trophy from my friend, Lorand Berke. Lorand is an incredibly humble sportsman. I am glad that he could break off his summer holiday to come and return Arnold's cup. Everything was arranged according to Arnold's wishes. It was great to see him happy and touched by this moment. Lorand has gained a lifelong experience thanks to his generosity."

Watch the video of Arnold's glorious victory below.