Conjuring 3's plot promises a new level of horror with the chilling case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson

Conjuring 3 is set to release in 2020 and it is believed that this time the writers have taken the story of Arne Cheyenne Johnson for the movie.

                            Conjuring 3's plot promises a new level of horror with the chilling case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson

The chilling cases of real-life demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren have never failed to entertain us. Right from 'Conjuring' to 'The Nun', the cases the couple has solved throughout their lifetime has opened a new door for the horror genre in the film industry. After having two successful parts, 'Conjuring' is all set to make its return with a third film which is expected to be released in 2020. Taking yet another page from Ed and Lorraine's cases, according to Digital Spy, it is possible that the movie will be revolving around the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. The case of Johnson brought a lot of media attention as it happened to be the only case where the defendant used the claim of demonic possession in order to prove his innocence. While this claim was dismissed by the court as there was no evidence to prove this theory, the story of Johnson could give you some serious goosebumps.




As reported by 13th floor, the episode began on July 3, 1980, when David Glatzel, at the time just 11 years old, complained about seeing an old man whose appearance resembled that of the monster from nightmares. The family of Glatzel had recently shifted to their new house and were of the view that David was cooking things up in order to get out of the household chores of cleaning their new home. However, as the days passed David's behavior started getting worse. It is then that David's sister, Debbie decided to seek help from her then-fiance, Arne. While the family was expecting things to get better, it began to take a turn for the worse.

David's condition kept getting worse and soon he started seeing the "old man" even during the daytime. The family realized that David also had several marks on his body and bruises which had no explanation. The family also started experiencing paranormal activity such has noise coming from the attic, things falling, and other unusual occurrences. At the same time, David's behavior was not getting any better. He started to hiss at his family members, spoke in different languages that he or his family had not known and to everyone's surprise, David even quoted things from 'Paradise Lost'. Fearful of their child, the Glatzel family decided that each night one of the family members will stay up all night because as David's nightmares became worse, he even started experiencing seizures and would often wake up in every 30 minutes. 




Feeling helpless about the entire situation, the Glatzel family decided to seek help from Ed and Lorraine as the couple happened to be the last resort for the family. "While Ed interviewed the boy, I saw a black, misty form next to him, which told me we were dealing with something of a negative nature. Soon the child was complaining that invisible hands were choking him—and there were red marks on him. He said that he had the feeling of being hit," Lorraine told at that time, as reported by the site.  Without wasting any time, it became clear to Ed and Lorraine that David was possessed. The couple quickly decided to conduct an exorcism. 

Four priests were called to help the couple and it is believed that three exorcisms were conducted in order to free David from the 43 demons that dwelled within him. While things seemed to be going fine during the ritual, Arne made a bad decision of taunting the demons and mocking them for being incapable of entering him. While the ritual was successful for David, Ed and Lorraine had their suspicions and warned the police to keep an eye open for Arne. While over the course of a couple of years, David was taken to a psychologist in order to get checked and it was suggested that he was back to being normal. During this period, David's sister Debbie and Arne shifted into an apartment which they rented from a man named Alan Bono. 

Things seemed to be going normally for the pair until Debbie noticed some of the unusual behavioral changes that she had previously seen in David. In no time Arne also started behaving abnormally and would complain about seeing the old man, a description which mirrored the one told by David when he was possessed. Soon, Arne, who was noted to be a good and hard working man started getting into a lot of trouble, often getting in trouble with the police.  While it may not seem that big of a deal for some, for Debbie, it was a side to Arne that she had never seen and made her suspicions stronger.




Fast forward to February 16, 1981, a day that Arne, Debbie or Bono would not have anticipated. On that day Arne finished his work earlier and decided to spend the rest of his day with Debbie and his sisters who were in town. While all of them were having a nice time together, Bono showed up and decided to take all of them out for some drinks and food. While everything seemed to be going smoothly, things started taking a different turn as all of them were heading back home. An argument broke between Arne and Bono. While it is unknown what the argument was really about, Arne's behavior during this argument resembled a lot like the possession of David. 

Arne started to hiss and growl. Debbie tried to take his sisters out of the car and it during this that Arne took out a knife and stabbed Bono multiple times. He then pulled the knife up and created an incision reaching Bono’s heart. He then stabbed him again innumerable times and fled the scene. The murder case was taken to the court and Martin Minnella was appointed as Arne's lawyer. Martin had found that previously there were two cases in Britain where the lawyers had thought about proving the innocence of a person by claiming they were possessed. While it might sound a topic of great debate, the court quickly dismissed these claims as there was no evidence to prove this point. 

Seeing this technique fail, Martin decided to use self-defense as his argument for the case. Unfortunately, he failed to leave a mark on the jury and Arne was given a 10-20 year sentence, though he only served five. Even though the story of Arne was like a nightmare out of someone's dream, luckily for him, he had a happy ending. The Warrens testified in Johnson's defense. Throughout this time Debbie did not leave his side and after his release, the two got married. Till date, the pair is still together and the incident is a thing of the past for them.