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Army veteran claims Harry ‘undermined his personal security’ by revealing he killed 25 Taliban fighters

Army veteran warned Prince Harry saying, 'these comments will damage that reputation, and he won't be looked on in quite the same light'
Army veteran warned Prince Harry after a passage from his memoir, 'Spare', was leaked (Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
Army veteran warned Prince Harry after a passage from his memoir, 'Spare', was leaked (Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA : In leaked excerpts from Prince Harry's book, 'Spare', which is to be released on January 10, the Duke describes killing 25 people while operating an attack helicopter between years 2012 and 2013. Due to these leaked excerpts Prince Harry risked his own safety in jeopardy by stating in his memoir that he personally killed 25 Taliban fighters while serving as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.

In the memoir, he wrote, "the taking of human lives" is something of which he is "neither proud nor ashamed." He added that he thought of those killed as "chess pieces" on a board and due to these lines Prince Harry is receving a lot of backlash across the globe. The former commander of the British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, warned that the revelations would heighten threats to the Duke of Sussex's and the armed forces' safety.


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According to retired Colonel Kemp of the British Army, the Duke of Sussex "shot himself in the foot" by admitting to killing 25 people in Afghanistan. He further added, "It undermines his personal security," as reported by The Sun. The former commander went on and added, "Fighting in Afghanistan, Harry gained a very strong reputation both in the Army and in the country." He further blasted Harry and cautioned him that unveiling such information might tamper his reputation.

Colonel Kemp said, "These comments will damage that reputation, and he won't be looked on in quite the same light by people who thought highly of him before, including me." The former commander added, "This will incite some people to attempt an attack on British soldiers anywhere in the world. "The impact on his own personal security is even greater," he added, as reported by Skynews. Colonel Kemp's remarks come after Taliban commander Anas Haqqani spoke out in response to the leaked 'Spare' passages.

Haqqani resorted to Twitter to express his feelings over Prince Harry's recently released biography 'Spare', in which he describes killing 25 soldiers while serving in the army. He wrote, "Mr. Harry! The ones you killed were not chess pieces, they were humans; they had families who were waiting for their return. Among the killers of Afghans, not many have your decency to reveal their conscience and confess to their war crimes."

On the same thread, he added, "The truth is what you've said; Our innocent people were chess pieces to your soldiers, military and political leaders. Still, you were defeated in that 'game' of white & black 'square.'" In the last tweet in the thread, Haqqani wrote, "I don't expect that the ICC will summon you or the human rights activists will condemn you, because they are deaf and blind for you. But hopefully these atrocities will be remembered in the history of humanity."




Meanwhile, Colonel Tim Collins, known for his pre-battle address in Iraq, said Harry's actions are "not how we behave in the Army." He even suggested that, he has turned against his Royal family and army that once embraced him. Colonel Collins said, "I wonder whose path he has chosen? In the end I see only disappointment and misery in his pursuit of riches he does not need and his rejection of family and comradely love that he badly needs."

Colonel Collins added, "His latest revelations in his memoir are clearly a tragic money-making scam to fund the lifestyle he can't afford and someone else has chosen." He also accused Harry of adopting a route that is "alien" to individuals in the UK and the Commonwealth, adding that the Duke is "pursuing US identity politics and casting slurs or racism around where none exists," as reported by Metro.

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