Arizona woman who tried to seduce teen with explicit photos of herself on Xbox jailed for 7 years

Arizona woman who tried to seduce teen with explicit photos of herself on Xbox jailed for 7 years

An Arizona woman who used an Xbox to try and lure a 14-year-old boy into sex has been jailed for seven years. The woman, 34-year-old Lisa Corn, pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated luring a minor for sexual exploitation and also attempted sexual exploitation of a minor. 

Corn was jailed on Thursday, June 13, and was initially indicted on 24 felony counts after her arrest in May last year. However, 22 charges were dismissed as part of her plea deal with the prosecution. The Maricopa County mother had started to talk to the minor on Xbox Live early last year as she was worried about "her daughter meeting people while she is playing online games" and wanted to know who her daughter was talking to and interacting with on the device. 

It was Corn herself who became a predator and started to send inappropriate pictures of herself to the teenager. According to the state Attorney General’s Office, investigators believe she started to talk to the child while they were playing video games on the Xbox. 

The online gaming platform, Xbox Live, allows its players to communicate with one another over the internet. After striking up a conversation, Corn started to send the child explicit texts as well as emails over the internet. According to, she also shared pictures of herself engaging in sexual activity. She even sent the boy an X-rated image as a "reward" for winning one of his football games. 

The mother was finally caught in April last year after the boy's father found the explicit content and reported it to the police. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office shared that they received "a large amount of evidence" which suggested that Corn and the minor had been in a long term relationship which was of "sexual nature". She will be due for release in 2025 after serving her time of seven years.

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