Arizona man arrested after witnesses rescue half-naked, intoxicated 13-year-old girl from his bedroom

Arizona man arrested after witnesses rescue half-naked, intoxicated 13-year-old girl from his bedroom
(Source : Police Department)

Authorities say witnesses in a West Phoenix neighborhood rescued a 13-year-old girl on Sunday from sexual assault after they broke down the door of the residence where she was being held against her will.

According to AZ Central, three witnesses kicked down the bedroom door and found the teen unresponsive, naked from the waist down. A 19-year-old man, identified as Herman Gutierrez Fuentes, who was also naked from the waist down, was hiding in one corner, saying, "I messed up."

In a probable cause statement submitted to the Maricopa County court by Phoenix police following his arrest, the girl is said to have informed the police that she only recalled drinking in the living room with Fuentes, only to wake up in the hospital later. 

Fuentes was accused of intoxicating the victim to the point she was drunk and vomiting and did not remember what happened. After getting her drunk, he allegedly took the victim to the bedroom where he kissed and took off her clothing, aware she was heavily intoxicated.

During an interview with investigators, he claimed he had already stopped when the three witnesses came into the bedroom to intervene. Angered, one of those witnesses reportedly grabbed the 19-year-old by the shirt and threw him against the wall while the other two tended to the girl.

Fuentes, who had the victim's cell phone on him at the time of arrest, is said to have admitted that he was aware the situation "looked bad." He was taken from the home, near 59th Avenue and McDowell Road, to a local hospital where his body surface swabs were taken.

"Herman stated he stopped and then three friends forced their way into the room and found him naked from the waist down and the victim's pants pulled down. Herman stated he knew it looked bad," the report reads.

Police said the victim similarly participated in a forensic interview where a nurse took her body swabs as well. They revealed she suffered no injuries but that her blood alcohol was found to be .189, at which point a person's responses and functioning are significantly slower. 


Fuentes is facing charges of sexual assault as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He is currently being held on a $100,000 bond.

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 Arizona man arrested after witnesses rescue half naked intoxicated 13 year old girl from bedroom