Arizona grandmother shoots her twin grandsons, 8, to death and later tries to kill herself

Arizona grandmother shoots her twin grandsons, 8, to death and later tries to kill herself
(Source : Police Department)

A grandmother in Arizona has been arrested for murdering her 8-year-old twin grandsons under her care and then trying to take her own life afterward. 55-year-old Dorothy Flood is from Tuscon and was arrested on Friday, a day after the twin boys Jordan and Jaden Webb were found dead. The Pima County Sheriff's office informed that paramedics were called to Flood's house at 2400 block of West Kessler Place on Thursday for medical response. 

Dorothy Flood is accused of murdering her twin grandchildren. (Source: Pima Country Sheriff's office)


According to a report in Daily Mail, police said, "Upon arrival, they discovered an unresponsive adult female inside the residence' who turned out to be Flood." She reportedly showed symptoms of a drug overdose and was transported to the hospital. The two boys were found dead in separate rooms and died after suffering from gunshot wounds.

Chaundra McCord who worked with Flood for several years at the University Medical Center was shocked to hear of the boys' death and said that Flood's office was filled with photographs of her grandchildren. She said, "My first reaction was of course no. It could not be the same Dorothy we knew. Somewhere, something snapped. She and I became widow sisters. We would help each other and talk things through." 

A few years ago, the children's mother committed suicide and since then Flood has remained the sole caretaker of the family. McCord added, "You could see the fear that she had of the future. She was afraid she wasn’t going to be able to handle it. She loved those grand-kids and she loved her family. We just wish she would have reached out. To any one of us at any time."

She also claimed that Flood had a medical condition that could have influenced her actions as they affected her brain. Pima County Sheriff’s Department said Flood, is facing two charges of first-degree murder.



Flood's bail bond has been set at $250,000. She is in the Pima County Jail and is expected in court on Monday, April 15. 

A neighbor also commented about Flood and her family and said, "They kept more to themselves. They would wave 'hi' or 'bye,' but they kept to themselves. See them every day, they were good kids. They didn’t talk, but they were good kids. She took care of them real good." He also claimed that the children had special needs but this has not been officially confirmed so far. 

Other neighbors also commented - while Laurie Sauceda said, "I was in a hurry to get here, but then when I saw it was children, my heart just sunk. I wasn’t in a hurry to get here and find out anymore because it was just, I don’t want to know who in the neighborhood it is. Kids ride their bike up and down the street, who are we going to be missing now?"


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 arizona grandmother murdered her twin grandchildren, tried to commit suicide but gets arrested