Ariana Grande trips over zombie, injures her hand in escape room adventure with James Corden

Ariana Grande trips over zombie, injures her hand in escape room adventure with James Corden

Ariana Grande happened to injure her hand after she was attacked by zombies during a rather 'traumatic' escape room task with James Corden. The 'No tears left to cry' singer insisted that she loves 'being scared' and took on a haunted room with Corden. 

However, things slowly spiraled out of control for Grande who ended up tripping over the leg of a ghoulish character which was crawling around on the floor and, as a result, ended up with a bandaged hand. Ariana told James, "I love being scared. I think it's so much fun". Corden replied by asking, "You enjoy being scared so much you go to like escape rooms, and things like that, right?"


"I go to haunted houses as stuff. Usually, escape rooms aren't that scary. But I do love escape rooms. We should do one!" Ariana shared and the pair headed off to an escape room in Los Angeles.

From the moment they entered, the pair seemed very jittery and used night vision cameras to find their way around the pitch dark hallway as Grande jumped at every small decibel of sound. 

"You told me this was an escape room, not hell," Ariana said to Corden as the pair was forced to solve puzzles as a means to get out of the house of horrors. Grande and Corden were seen looking terrified as they entered a very disturbing and twisted version of a child's bedroom with bunk beds. When an actor dressed as the ghost from 'The Ring' jumped from one of the beds and ran out, Ariana could not help but scream out loud. 


She yelled 'You're a b***h!' as she was seen hiding in the corner with Corden's arms around her. As part of the challenge, James knocked on one of the walls when Ariana screamed, "Who just knocked? Can you tell me that you're the one knocking so I don't s**t my pants!" before adding "I'm going to pass out". 


In the final part of the escape room, the pair was trapped in a tiny chamber and was left screaming in fright when a zombie crept out and began to crawl towards them. Ariana who was wearing a pair of heels attempted to leap over the actor but ended up falling over his leg and crashed to her knees. When they were back in Corden's car, he asked her if she was okay, to which Grande responded, "Yeah, I will be. That was traumatic," before joking, "But I'm not gonna lie, don't I look kinda hard?"

"I've done 300 escape rooms. That's not an escape room. That's one of the seven gates to hell," Ariana shared. The segment was recorded in August and was aired on Tuesday evening on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'. 

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