Ariana Grande's ex Jai Brooks trends after rude tweet to Dove Cameron, fans say 'stop trying to be relevant'

Fans began wondering if attacking Dove Cameron was a part of Jai Brooks' ploy to become relevant again

                            Ariana Grande's ex Jai Brooks trends after rude tweet to Dove Cameron, fans say 'stop trying to be relevant'
Jai Brooks and Dove Cameron (Getty Images)

Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks began trending heavily on Twitter on Wednesday, June 24, evening after he made some unsavory remarks about Dove Cameron. Brooks went completely incognito after his breakup from Ariana in 2013. 

Actress and singer Dove Cameron had tweeted an inspirational tweet saying, "you f**king matter." While most of her fans responded positively to her tweet, Brooks didn't share the same sentiment, unfortunately. When Brooks came across her tweet, he lashed out at her for no apparent reason. He replied to Cameron's tweet by asking her to stop tweeting to get retweeted. He replied, "For some reason, I saw this on my feed, please stop tweeting shit in order to gain retweets. I thought tumblr died about 8 years ago."

When fans came across Brooks' response, they began wondering why he was being so rude to Cameron. Fans also began wondering if this was a ploy on his part to become 'relevant' again. A fan tweeted, "GUYS I GOT IT Jai brooks is low on money SOO hes messing with twitter to prove to potential sponsors that he is still relevant and improve his social blade (bc he is trending). mf really depending on US TO PAY HIS RENT IM CACKLING."

Another fan shared, "Jai Brooks is only doing what he’s doing cus no one has paid attention to him in years. His channel is flopping and he has millions of followers that act like ghosts." "Who is Jai Brooks and why is he being an a**hole to Dove for no apparent reason? Smells like privileged white male misogyny," pointed out a fan. Another fan expressed, "Jai Brooks needed some clout so he goes and attacks Dove who is an angle for no reason. He definitely misses that Ariana Grande Clout."

Just prior to launching his unsavory attack on Cameron, Brooks posted a series of tweets stating that "all lives matter". He wrote, "ALL LIVES MATTER!! Asian lives, Hispanic lives, white lives KHAZAKSTAN LIVES .. ALL LIVES MATTER. And I’ll get 5000 hate replies to this, and I'm the racist one... I LOVE PEOPLE NOT COLOR." As he anticipated, people began calling him out for his tone-deaf and racist tweet.

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