Are Quentin Tarantino’s films being removed for offensive content? ‘It was only a matter of time’, says internet

Are Quentin Tarantino’s films being removed for offensive content? ‘It was only a matter of time’, says internet
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Quentin Tarantino has played a pivotal role in redefining Hollywood. His impregnable reputation proves that he’s come a long way from ‘Pulp Fiction’ to the ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’. Although he enjoys a huge fan base from across the globe, he has also earned the wrath of a few who have found his work to be offensive. 

On June 10, the ‘Superman: Doomsday’ actor  Adam Baldwin took to Twitter to share, “BREAKING: “Quentin Tarantino Films Removed From Streaming Services and Studio Libraries Due To Offensive Themes, Language & Imagery.”

However, there is no concrete evidence or proof and MEA WorldWide cannot independently verify whether the tweets are baseless or hold any weight.

Meanwhile, the alleged ban on Tarantino’s films has garnered a wide range of reactions from internet users. In the pretext of the Black Lives Matter movement, many have called him out for showcasing highly sensitive and offensive content in his films. Tarantino’s slavery drama 'Django Unchained' featured nearly 110 uses of the N-word.

While one wrote,  “@tedcruz how many times have you enjoyed hearing all the racial slurs, epithets and hateful statements in a Quentin Tarantino movie.  Let's not play the "Latino/Hispanic" song.  It is ok to admit your closed door biases and prejudice.” Another added to the previous tweet saying, “Quentin Tarantino..Just look at him...Ignorant, bumbling, incoherent....Stupid”

One Twitter user acknowledged the sudden trend saying it was long-expected, owing to the reputation his movies hold. “Funny moment:I’m sitting here watching #DjangoUnchained. I look on Twitter and see Quentin Tarantino trending. I knew it was only a matter of time with the issues we’re having at this time in the world.,” the tweet read. 

“@TarantinoFC #QuentinTarantino just got f**ked by the very people who he supports .... When will wake up from his fantasy and realize whats right..... #NoCensorship,” asked another. 

However, a few had a rather different opinion. Still admiring Tarantino for his exceptional artistic skills one fan wrote, “You f**kers don’t know real genius when talking about Quentin Tarantino. Because he puts all this racist mysogonistic sh*t in his movies doesn’t make him bad. It makes him an artist who likes f**ked up shit. F**k y’all.” 


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