Are Kehlani and SZA dating? Truth behind romance rumors after coming out as lesbian on TikTok and selfie with Lizzo

Are Kehlani and SZA dating? Truth behind romance rumors after coming out as lesbian on TikTok and selfie with Lizzo
SZA and Kehlani spark dating rumors after being spotted coming out of a restaurant holding hands (SZA Instagram/ Kehlani Instagram)

Kehlani and SZA were spotted holding hands while coming out of restaurants in LA and fans of the duo are here for it. Kehlani who also announced officially on TikTok that she was a lesbian or in her own words 'gay gay' is now being shipped with SZA for their undeniably strong chemistry. 

Kehlani was a trending topic on the Internet after her TikTok video where she says "I am gay ga-gay gay gay!!!" went viral. Kehlani quipped how she has been trying to have a heart to heart with friends and family members and tell them that she is gay but everyone's response seems like they knew it. In Kehlani's own words if she was living in a closet, then "the f****** closet was glass."


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Are Kehlani and SZA dating?

Kehlani and SZA were seen with Lizzo on Thursday, April 22 on Lizzo's Instagram stories, hanging out together. Later, the trio also went to the famous West Hollywood restaurant 'Nice Guy.' The trio seemed cozy coming out of 'Nice Guy' holding hands and the Internet is living for the friendship goals that the R&B singers trinity have been serving. Though it is not clear if there is something more between Kehlani and SZA, the fans would surely love it to happen, says the Internet. 

Speaking of Kehlani's 'official coming out' video and meeting SZA on the same day, a fan said, "I just know sza was too scared to meet up with kehlani so she brought the queen LIZZO!" Another fan said, "Kehlani and Sza... yeah I’m having thoughts!" A fan claimed how SZA and Kehlani have been flirting for a while, "Y’all saying why nobody mentioning lizzo, well to be fair kehlani and sza been flirting with each other over social media and lizzo ain said nothing about being in the LGBTQ+ community; even though sza didn’t say anything about being gay. N Kehlani and sza would be a cute couple." Another fan claimed, "Kehlani and sza definitely secretly dating!"












Kehlani's past relationships

Kehlani has had quite a few celebrity relationships. The 25-year-old singer and songwriter from Oakland has a 2-year-old daughter, Adeya Nomi, with guitarist Javie Young-White. The singer has also dated NBA star, Kyrie Irvin, for a short while in between November 2015 to March 2016. The 'Honey' singer has also gone out with artiste Shaina Negrón and rapper Dave East but among Kehlani's dating history, it is her stage presence with Demi Lovato in 'Lonely' performance, their insanely scintillating chemistry, the famous on-stage 'kiss' and grinding that gave fans an inkling of Kehlani's sexuality  before she realized as she said in her latest video, "Everyone knew but me." Check the video snippets of her stage with Demi Lovato here.



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