Arctic Monkeys' hint at new album coming sooner than expected, plan to rope in Tame Impala's Kevin Parker

“Let’s float, Kev!” says frontman Alex Turner, talking about a possible collaboration with Tame Impala's Kevin Parker on Arctic Monkeys' next record.

                            Arctic Monkeys' hint at new album coming sooner than expected, plan to rope in Tame Impala's Kevin Parker

Arctic Monkeys returned this year after a five-year gap with their sixth studio album, 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino'. As we noted in our review of the album, it was a brave, experimental and highly polarizing effort, with both fans and critics equally divided over the new direction the band decided to pursue. Now, three months after the album drop and after several tour dates in support of the album the genre-defining British alt-rockers have responded to the mixed reactions to the album in a new interview. During the interview, the band also said a follow-up effort could come far sooner than expected — and they wouldn’t mind doing it with the help of Kevin Parker, the brains behind Tame Impala.

Speaking with Matt Wilkinson of Beats 1 during this past weekend’s Osheaga Festival, frontman Alex Turner and drummer Matt Helders admitted they hadn’t dug too deep into the reviews for the new album. “I’ve never found much use in reading the reviews, like in either direction – if it’s good or bad,” said Helders.

Wilkinson pointed out that the band struck him as the types who would intentionally try to play with expectations with a record like Tranquility Base. “What I would say is, if that is the case, it’s sort of inherent in us making music together,” Turner responded. “To the point where we wouldn’t notice that we were trying to do it. I don't think we necessarily intended to freak everybody out," he added.

Later in the interview, Turner also admitted that the follow-up could come sooner than expected although it's only been three months since 'Tranquility Base'. “You know, again I don’t know, we’ve not quite reached a conclusion on what we’re gonna do but, I’d like to, yeah,” Turner said, speaking about a prompt return to the studio. “Maybe just for the reason that, I’ve really been enjoying playing this one on the road and that excitement of playing together could lead to jumping back in the studio. Whereas, like when we made this Tranquility Base one, that wasn’t coming off the back of a tour."

“I remember we nearly did [go back into the studio] after AM, there were a moment where we were just like, “Let’s go and do another thing and keep going!” I’m glad we didn’t now but there was definitely an urge there to do that.”

Wilkinson also brought up how he’d recently questioned Kevin Parker about collaborating with Arctic Monkeys. At the time, Parker seemed pretty excited about the idea, and unsurprisingly, it turns out the feeling’s mutual. "I’d love to float with Kevin… Let’s float Kev," Turner said.

When further asked by Wilkinson to seek if that was an official confirmation that the band wants to collaborate with Parker, Turner said: "Yeah I just said it twice — I’d float with Kevin.”

The love affair between two of the most dominating forces in contemporary rock has been ongoing for a while now. Arctic Monkeys collaborated with Tame Impala bassist Cam Avery on their latest album. Arctic Monkeys also covered the Tame Impala classic 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' in 2014 for Triple J's 'Like A Version' segment. Relive the stripped down cover by Arctic Monkeys below. Now that both Turner and Parker are on the same page, it'll surely be interesting to see the result of the two icons collaborating. Brace yourselves! These are exciting times!