'Archive': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the sci-fi movie coming on VOD

'Archive': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the sci-fi movie coming on VOD

Vertical Entertainment is bringing out an exciting new sci-fi movie. Starring Theo James in the lead role, 'Archive' is a sci-fi story set a little less than two decades in the future with a plot driven by Artificial Intelligence, a grieving scientist, and technology that could overcome death. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the film:

Release date

'Archive' is set to be released via Video-On-Demand on Friday, July 10, 2020. The movie was initially scheduled to premiere at SXSW before the festival was shut down due to the Covid-19 lockdown.



The movie revolves around a scientist in the not-so-distant future who is developing an advanced Artificial Intelligence that can be equivalent to a human being. His project is entering a very risky stage with his latest prototype almost nearing completion but the scientist has a Frankensteinian secret agenda: to bring back the dead. Here's the official synopsis for the movie: "2038: George Almore is working on a true human-equivalent AI. His latest prototype is almost ready. This sensitive phase is also the riskiest. Especially as he has a goal that must be hidden at all costs: being reunited with his dead wife."



Theo James


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The 'Divergent' star plays the role of George Almore, a scientist working on an advanced Artificial Intelligence. James is an English actor, director, producer, and musician whose best-known works include 'The Divergent Series', 'Golden Boy', and his voice acting role in Netflix's 'Castlevania'. Other cast members include Stacy Martin, Rhona Mitra, Toby Jones, Peter Ferdinando, Richard Glover, Hans Peterson, and Jeremy Wheeler.



Gavin Rothery

Rothery is an artist, writer, and director who is making his feature directorial debut with 'Archive'. He has also written the script for the movie. Rothery has previously worked as an illustrator and comic artist and has been involved in the gaming industry for years. Rothery specializes in science fiction and has previously done an apocalyptic sci-fi short film called 'The Last Man'.



A trailer for the movie was released online on June 12, giving some more insight into the film's background. It appears that there is some kind of technology called the Archive that allows people to store away their minds after death and George Almore (Theo James) is trying to find a way to integrate that technology into a robotic body to bring his wife back to life. It definitely sounds like a very dangerous premise and we can't wait to see how it all pans out.




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