'Archer' Season 11 Preview: Archer wakes up from his coma to find the real world a very different place

Archer's return to the world shows him having trouble adjusting to the ways his colleagues have moved on without him

                             'Archer' Season 11 Preview: Archer wakes up from his coma to find the real world a very different place

After spending three years in the coma he fell into at the end of Season 7, dreaming up various alternate lives for him and his friends in various genres, Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) finally woke up, only to find that the real world underwent some major changes while he was asleep. The spy agency he works for has become a stricter, more by-the-rules place and Archer is shown to have some trouble adjusting to life in the real world again and the people who have moved on without him.

The trailer for the upcoming series reveals that Archer is not the agile spy he once was, with reduced functionality in his legs forcing him to use a cane. Fortunately, Doctor Krieger (Lucky Yates) still has Archer's back and makes him a specialized cane crammed with hidden gadgets - one that Archer's going to need a little time to fully adjust to, as his first use of the device sees him accidentally triggering the knockout gas hidden within. It's a dangerous world out there and if Archer isn't careful he's going to find himself right back in a coma again or worse, dead.

Things at the agency have gotten a lot more professional in Archer's absence. There's no more drinking on the job, no more unprofessional comments while on the job and that's just the start of the changes that Archer has to adjust to. What he's likely going to find more difficult, however, is adjusting to the changes in the people in his life, all of whom have moved on without him. Cyril Figgs (Chris Parnell) has finally taken the time to exercise, becoming impossibly jacked. Cheryl Tunt (Judy Greer) has become New Better Cheryl, determined to avoid alcohol and Archer's destructive influences at all costs - although the trailer reveals that that doesn't last long. Most significantly, though, Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) has grown somewhat distant from him, in the three years she's spent raising their daughter alone.

You can take a look at the trailer for the upcoming season below, which explains the situation Archer finds himself in and offers a glimpse at the adventures yet to come:



The 2-part series premiere of 'Archer' Season 11 releases on FXX on September 16, with a repeat broadcast the next day on FX and Hulu.

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