'Aquaman': Jason Momoa reveals new poster a day before probable trailer release

Jason Momoa has shared the poster on his Instagram account, this could only mean that a new trailer is expected to drop tomorrow.

                            'Aquaman': Jason Momoa reveals new poster a day before probable trailer release

Right when comic fans are at the peak of their excitement with the NYCC, Jason Momoa has given them just another reason to eagerly await the arrival of this year's probably the most exciting movie, 'Aquaman'. Taking to Instagram the 'Game of Thrones' actor teased his fans with the new poster from the movie which is set to release this year on December 21. 

The 39-year-old posted a picture of the poster and subtly indicated that "something exciting is coming tomorrow". Maybe it is a trailer to the movie, which is the first adaptation of the King of the Seven Seas onto the big screen in a live-action movie of his own.

While that's a first for Aquaman, it is certainly not the first time that Jason Momoa's charisma has added an edge to the character. Director James Wan told Collider that he was keen on bringing out Momoa's natural charisma through the character.

“I think it was important very early on when I met with Jason Momoa and just seeing how likeable the guy actually is in person, how charismatic, and how funny and goofy he is."


Momoa's magnetism as the reluctant King of the Seven Seas was pretty much enhanced in the first trailer, which more or less looked like Aquaman trying hard to overthrow his half-brother, Orm, who has taken the throne as his own.

While the first trailer had given us a massive amount of information about Arthur Curry and his eventual transformation into Aquaman, it can be anticipated that the second trailer will probably look more into Aquaman, and a little less into Arthur Curry. It has been rumoured that 'Aquaman' will release its second trailer in the NYCC this year, and the poster, which showcases emerald green gloves and an orangey-gold suit, is proof enough that the second trailer will focus heavily on the underwater kingdom. 

Watch the first trailer below:

Wan has a natural habit of releasing a poster right before dropping a new trailer on the very next day. The director of 'The Conjuring' also tweeted the same poster on his Twitter account, and mentioned, "Something arrives Tomorrow". This could indicate that like the first trailer which was dropped at this year's SDCC, the second trailer too will be released at the ongoing NYCC. However, as of now, there is no reported panel of DC at the event, but there are high chances that along with the shorter version of 'Shazam!' trailer, 'Aquaman' might just pop up to surprise the people living on the surface world. 

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