Apple TV+ may have roped in Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey among other big names, but it should avoid these 5 mistakes to really make it

Apple TV+ may have roped in Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey among other big names, but it should avoid these 5 mistakes to really make it

Apple TV+'s latest offering is royalty in its truest sense. After roping in stars like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Jason Momoa for its upcoming streaming service, the platform announced that Prince Harry will be joining hands with media mogul Oprah Winfrey to create a docuseries about mental health for it.

The said series will air on the new Apple TV+ streaming service after it launches in 2020. But, the question remains as it always has ever since the tech giant revealed its plans for the platform - will they get it right? 



Apple has spent more than a billion dollars on the content for its streaming platform so it's pretty obvious that they don't mind bringing in the big names in the industry to make it work, but is that enough?

Here are the five things Apple TV+ must not do if it really wants to trample all of its competitors. 

1. Focus on just names

For starters, they shouldn't be making the classic mistakes that streaming platforms before it have. Apple TV+ may have its star power but it shouldn't forget that its competitors in the really massive pond of streaming have their own A-listers. Netflix has had projects with stars like Jen Aniston ('Dumplin'), Brie Larson ('Unicorn Store'), Sandra Bullock ('Bird Box') and Chris Pine ('Outlaw King') to name a few. Its films have recently scored big at the Oscars, with 'Roma' and 'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs' getting more than just a few nominations and wins.

As for Amazon Prime and Hulu, they've got the star power too with shows like 'The Handmaid's Tale', 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' and 'The Looming Tower' that also have been a hit at the Emmy's. To beat the competition, Apple TV+ must do more than just this. Apple's new TV app and Channels are nothing that we haven’t already seen from Amazon and Roku, and it will have to come up with more.


2. Have only new content 



It's true that its a new subscription platform and its content is bound to be fresh - but, what keeps viewers coming back is probably about 10 shows that they are familiar with. If you go by Nielson Total Audience Report for this year, audiences go back to watching things they are already familiar with.  A total of 67 percent like to revisit content that they have consumed before. Netflix has 'Friends', 'Scrubs', 'That 70's Show', 'The Vampire Diaries' available. Apple TV+ got more than 30 new shows lined up that we know of for the launch and it only needs about five or six of them to really resonate with viewers, but that being said, they should definitely have some stories we have seen before. Apple TV+ needs to think beyond just new shows, it needs to think about well made, smashing reboots too, which goes past just a Spielberg one. Disney's got all of its nostalgia ready, remember?


3. Be Pricey

Apple TV+ cannot act like it's truly innovative, because well, it's not. Which means it cannot go around asking for much more than its competitors in the market. It needs to be affordable. While it revealed a bit about its platform in March's big event, it still didn't tell us how much it will cost and affordability will be a huge factor when it comes to making it work in this industry.  

4. Only talk about English



Diversity sells. With the audience of today constantly evolving, Apple TV+ needs more than just 30 English shows to get by. Take a look at the global strategy that Netflix and Amazon have gone into. Geographically, Prime Video and Netflix can be watched in 200 and 190 countries and both of them have a considerable amount of global as well as local content. But, at the same time they should learn from Netflix's mistakes of producing quantity over quality in its global expansion because then, even if they get subscribers, they won't be able to keep them. 


5. Not focus on the other half of the world that isn't Apple-ed yet 

Apple TV+ will be available on Apple products obviously and it will be available to be watched on platforms like Fire TV. But it still has its Android and Windows bases uncovered. Apple TV+ should go on to be available to stream through non-Safari browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. While Apple's own fanbase is large, the Netflixes and the Amazons of the world are available to all.  

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 Apple TV announces Prince Harry and Oprah winfrey series on mental health